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5 Uses for a Baby Blanket Outside the Crib

no blanket required

no blanket required

Your preemie is about to be discharged. Perhaps she’s breathing on her own. Maybe she needs oxygen to support her lungs, either through a  cannula or a trach. You look around her nursery for one final safety check. Your eyes fall upon the one smothering item which still eludes your careful planning: the blanket.

Children’s safety organizations recommend putting your baby to sleep on her back, without anything in the crib: no bumpers, no toys (especially stuffies), and no blankets. However, the lovely pictures you’ve seen in parental magazines and the bed sets you purchased include these items of risk. Premature children are at a higher risk for SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, than other babies.

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Healthy Breathing: 5 Tips for Managing Respiratory Symptoms


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Why Giving is Genius

Water Stop

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Preemies vs. Statistics


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2014 NICU Heroes Awards Finalists, Pt 1

Nurse Natalie with Bella

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