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Thankful for Tough Mothers

Since becoming a mom for the first – and last – time almost five years ago, I’ve experienced plenty of “bad mom” moments. Like letting my son eat ice cream for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. All in the same day. Or arriving home after picking him up from school and noticing I never buckled him in his car seat. I am hoping some of you can relate! But during the first 68 days of his life that he was in the NICU, I had plenty of just plain bad moments, which I know all of you can relate. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for my fellow NICU mothers, I don’t think I would’ve gotten through those tough times. These mothers taught me tough times do indeed make tough people. [Continue reading]

World Prematurity Day: Helping Preemie Parents Heal

world prematurity day, prematurity awareness month, prematurity, preemie quotes, NICU quotes

World Prematurity Day wasn’t a day I ever knew about or had any connection to until I became a preemie parent myself. Having spent 109 days in the NICU watching my son fight for his life, I became aware of the harsh realities of extreme prematurity … [Continue reading]

Emerging from Trauma: Stephanie’s NICU Journey

trauma, NICU, prematurity

I had my daughter 17 months ago, but it seems like a lifetime. We didn’t have a hard time getting pregnant. It was almost instant. But staying pregnant was a different story for me. I ended up in the hospital at 27 weeks, 4 days with … [Continue reading]

The Effect of Music and Serendipity

We never know when something random will become something important to know. This is my favorite example. When I was in eighth grade in 1988, I had to compete in Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS). I struggled to weave something I cared … [Continue reading]

What I Missed Out On the First Time & How to Help If It Happens Again

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When your first child was born 14 weeks premature, like mine, the idea of a second pregnancy is, well, just a bit daunting. I feel strongly about postpartum care and how it's even more crucial when your pregnancy and/or child has any sort of medical … [Continue reading]