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Children’s Books About Prematurity

How do you explain delicate topics of prematurity, loss and the NICU to a child? The following books have been reviewed and recommended for parents looking to teach children about their own journey through prematurity or looking to support the sibling of a preemie.

For even more books for children, specifically siblings of premature babies, visit our Sibling Support section of the Hand to Hold website.


soon jessica watsonSoon by Jessica Watson

Soon is a simple, yet lovely story about a baby born prematurely, whose family anxiously awaits the day when she comes home. Read Leigh Ann’s review of Soon here.


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Peer Mentors: A Lifesaver In The NICU

The first time I saw my daughter.  It was a scary isolating feeling.

It’s so easy to feel alone in the NICU. Your dream of a perfect healthy little baby may have been quickly taken away in a rushed birth. Sitting by your baby’s bedside, you can seem like no one understands how you feel. You might feel like no one … [Continue reading]

A NICU Nurse Reunion

NICU nurse, former preemies, preemie twins, hand to hold

This is Jeannie. I met Jeannie in the NICU when she was assigned to my identical twin girls one Saturday afternoon. Still early enough in our NICU stay, we had bounced around from nurse to nurse, a new face each day, a new name to try not to … [Continue reading]

4 Tips for Raising a Child with Hydrocephalus

4 tips

Whether your baby is diagnosed in utero or after birth, the diagnosis of hydrocephalus comes as a shock to any parent. A sad fact is that Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) is the leading cause of hydrocephalus in preterm infants and varying levels … [Continue reading]

The Biggest Lessons Learned in the NICU

Lessons Learned cropped

I knew these "life lessons" in my head before my NICU baby, but I truly knew them in my heart afterward. The NICU became the fertile soil in which these seeds--these three lessons--were planted and became deeply rooted deep within me. 1. Things … [Continue reading]