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Dear Preemie (On the Day You Are Born)

preemie in NICUWell, my dear, here you are.

I don’t know why fate brought us together so soon, for neither of us are finished growing. You are still so small and fragile; I am still preparing myself to be your mom. I planned to read a few more books and learn how to crochet before you were born. Daddy planned to take me on a babymoon. I wanted to get your room ready; Grandma was supposed to show me how to fold crib fitted sheets. Oh, and then the business of the baby shower. I was going to wear yellow and show off my baby bump to all of our family and friends. All of that seems so unimportant now, so petty, and possibly even unnecessary.

I am not quite sure you are going to live. [Continue reading]

Finding Gratitude in Your NICU Experience

NICU gratitude

This Thanksgiving, we asked some of our preemie parent friends to tell us a little about what they learned about gratitude in the NICU, how some of the experiences of having a preemie have made them thankful. We asked, "What part of your experience … [Continue reading]

You Are Not Alone: Fostering Prematurity Awareness Around the Globe

Photo credit: UNICEF/UNI180580/Galli

In meeting many NICU parents, I've gathered that not one of us would wish the NICU experience on anyone after having gone through it. It is terrifying and so destabilizing on multiple levels that one wouldn't wish it on their worst enemy. Can … [Continue reading]

Giveaway: Tiny But Mighty

Tiny But Mighty book Cover

When Joanna Taczanowsky's water broke just 23 weeks and five days into her twin pregnancy, she was immediately sent to the hospital, where they began the whirlwind process of injecting steroid shots and attempting to stop labor. Thus began a waiting … [Continue reading]

10 Questions About Providing Breast Milk to Your Preemie


A similar version of this post was previously published on Medela Moments. This November, we are proud to support National Prematurity Awareness Month, which is an annual event to educate and inform people about premature birth. With over 450,000 … [Continue reading]