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Vaccinations and Your Preemie

Preemie Vaccinations


Childhood vaccinations are often a hot topic these days, but so much of the discussion is about immunizing healthy, full-term babies. Is the conversation any different when it involves preemies?

When my 26-weeker hit the 2-month mark, he was still hospitalized, and vaccinations were the furthest thing from my mind. I was in the here-and-now of oxygen saturation and bradys, and in my mind vaccinations were for healthy babies living outside hospital walls. They weren’t even on my radar when the nurses began to discuss J’s first vaccinations with us. [Continue reading]

Room 602: A Heart of Gratitude

Jess Black berry 092

Room 602. That's where she spent her days curled up in an incubator growing and learning to do what full term babies are born knowing. Room 602. That's where I learned how to be a mom - one with a heart of gratitude. Our NICU stay was not an … [Continue reading]

Six Ways Dads Can Help in the NICU

Bath time with Dad!

One of the things about becoming a Dad for the first time is that you feel a little disconnected as Mom is by far the more necessary person in the birth. Having your first child go in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is especially frustrating, as it … [Continue reading]

Tips on Discharge and Bringing Home Baby

The girl's  playing together at home.

If you are anything like me, you are completely terrified to bring home your little NICU miracle. You can be full of excitement and also full of anxiety at the same time. Your experience bringing home your little one will be totally different from … [Continue reading]

Life in the NICU: A Stressful Situation

Life in the Nicu

A normal pregnancy, followed by an easy delivery, that’s what every mother hopes for. Those first moments after giving birth should be filled with happy tears, while you cradle your new bundle of joy. But for preemie moms - and even term-NICU moms - … [Continue reading]