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When All Else Fails: A Breastfeeding Story

Traditional breastfeeding can be fickle if not downright elusive to the mom of a preemie. You may be up to breastfeeding, but your baby may not have the strength to latch on and feed. Thankfully, hospital grade pumps can help moms of preemies bridge this gap to ensure our tiny newborns receive the benefits of breast milk. [Continue reading]

Looking Back on Five Years

Drew brand new

This month and next we celebrate 5 years since our twin boys were discharged from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I remember each of those days like they were yesterday. We have come such a very long way since those early days of fear and … [Continue reading]

Trust the Process: Breastfeeding Preemie Twins

twin preemies

When it came to breastfeeding my unborn babies, my prediction was "I'd like to; I'll try." It seemed an awfully maternal thing to do, and I wasn't all that confident in my maternal instincts. But when my identical twins were born nine weeks early, … [Continue reading]

A Superhuman Power

preemie blood donation

Blood. It's an essential part of the body, a must-have to survive. It's something I never thought twice about until I gave birth to my triplets. Sure, I lost blood when I accidentally cut myself in the kitchen or when I scraped my knee as a child, … [Continue reading]

Mama, You’re Enough

The Mrs. Band

As the parent of two children born full-term and healthy, I was not fully aware of the challenges so many families face when their child is born early or with special healthcare needs until a friend’s child was born at 27 weeks gestation. Although … [Continue reading]