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The Preemie Perspective On Coming Home

Photo by Jessie Threlkheld

Photo by Jessie Threlkeld

Dear Friends and Family,

I have some very exciting news… I’m finally coming home! I am so thankful that my parents had YOU in their lives during one of the most difficult seasons of theirs. I know how much you prayed for me; how many supportive and encouraging things you said to my parents that gave them hope! The day has finally arrived and we can’t wait to celebrate my homecoming with YOU! However, there are few things that you may not know about me yet….

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Accessing Resources with Help from a Social Worker


Having a preemie is a very scary process and can also be very confusing. When your baby arrives early, you’re not prepared in the way you might have been if you’d carried to full term. I know this was the case for us. I was 31 weeks pregnant with our … [Continue reading]

Elizabeth B’s Amazing Birth Story: My Son is My Super Hero

baby pic 1

Our miracle baby, Christian was born 13 weeks (almost 3.5 months) early weighing 2lbs 5oz and was 14.5 inches long. He spent over 2.5 months in the NICU; the NICU was an experience in itself. There is no clear answer as to why I went in labor early, … [Continue reading]

{Professional Insight}: Loving Yourself

Courtesy of Jill Wilke

The month of February is full of roses, dinner dates, love letters, champagne, and sugary delights in heart shaped boxes… Not exactly the things that a mom in the NICU—sitting in a rocking chair, watching numbers on a monitor, praying her baby will … [Continue reading]

A Mother’s Voice

Seeing Ben for the first time.

Although, I've only been a mother for two short years, it did not take long for me to realize the power of a mother's voice. It was 30, excruciatingly long, hours after giving birth to Benjamin, via emergency c-section, that I was given permission to … [Continue reading]