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Finding Community in the NICU

Finding community in the NICU

The day my water broke, I was on my way to my baby shower. I was expected to get showered with presents, funny stories and enjoy my swollen baby belly for another two months. But Bree had other plans.

I woke up in a puddle, and before I knew it, I was rushing to the hospital while my husband called our host to let her know I wasn’t going to be there. I was devastated. Having a NICU baby, however, taught me many lessons, one of which became a greater gift than any onesie or diaper cake could. [Continue reading]

Bob the Nurse and Learning to be a Useful Dad

Poster of Gabriel that hung on wall.

One day in June, Miri and I walked to the front desk of the NICU to sign in. My head briefly felt like there was a bubble of thin air around it and everything outside the bubble was moving too fast. I remembered the first time I felt this way was … [Continue reading]

{Professional Insight} Postpartum Depression & PTSD in Fathers

PPD PTSD in fathers Father's Day Hand to Hold NICU Prematurity

We spend a lot of time talking about the postpartum wellbeing of moms. But fathers are half of a parent couple and need attention too! Dads are, of course, essential as a support for a woman who might be going through postpartum depression or … [Continue reading]

Turning Loss into Advocacy

Lana and Allie

by Lana Macrum-Craig, Board President My daughter, Allie Reese, would be celebrating her 9th birthday this month. Each year, as Mother’s Day approaches and soon thereafter, the date of her birth, my heart and mind become a little unsettled. … [Continue reading]

Father’s Day: Nostalgic Grief & Helping Out Dads

father's day nicu grief prematurity hand to hold

Father's Day elicits a weird type of nostalgic grief for me. That may sound a bit odd, considering I'm not a father (or a man, for that matter) and my father is alive and well and we've always had a good relationship. It's a grief I probably don't … [Continue reading]