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Candice G’s Amazing Birth Story: Terrified to True Love

Nixon in the NICUWhat were the circumstances surrounding your child’s birth?

When I was 29 weeks, I went in for a regular checkup. Since the appointment, I had just 2 weeks prior been cancelled due to an emergency c-section, my doctor had to attend. My blood pressure was 160/120. My doctor had me admitted to the hospital for a 24-hour stay and after an almost 72-hour stay, they determined I had severe pre-eclampsia.

What complications, diagnoses or surgeries did you or your child face?

With pre-eclampsia, the baby and I faced several complications. Since the condition was so severe, they were worried I would start having seizures. After monitoring the baby for over 24 hours, they discovered his heart rate was dropping. After an ultrasound, they discovered he was measuring too small and decided to take him. At 30 weeks, my son was delivered via c-section. He weighed 2 lbs 4 ozs and stayed in the NICU for 8 weeks. [Continue reading]

2014 NICU Heroes Awards Finalists, Pt 2

Michelle White in the NICU

Neonatal nurses, Michelle White and Marilee Lawson, were both named 2014 NICU Heroes Awards finalists. These outstanding neonatal professionals were chosen as finalists alongside two other fellow neonatal nurses, Natalie Sorrentino and Kathy … [Continue reading]

What Physical Therapy has Meant for My Preemie and Me

photo 1 (1)

The definition for the word therapy is “therapeutic treatment especially of bodily, mental, or behavorial disorder”.  When you first discover that your preemie will need physical therapy (PT), you probably think it is only for the therapeutic … [Continue reading]

5 Uses for a Baby Blanket Outside the Crib

Baby blanket under Torran for therapy and protecting the carpet

Your preemie is about to be discharged. Perhaps she's breathing on her own. Maybe she needs oxygen to support her lungs, either through a  cannula or a trach. You look around her nursery for one final safety check. Your eyes fall upon the one … [Continue reading]

Healthy Breathing: 5 Tips for Managing Respiratory Symptoms


Many of us have experienced the paralyzing fear that comes as we watch our child struggle to take a breath. You've probably been there many times. There isn't much that has frightened me more than my son's breathing. The fear began during his NICU … [Continue reading]