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5 Ways to Tap the Power of Your Preemie Parent Voice

I bet you can remember the moment you found it. nicu

Possibly, it was the moment you realized you would soon become the parent of a preemie child, the moment your pregnancy came to an end, and even though your heart was broken, you decided to believe.

Maybe it was within the first few days of your child’s life, when a doctor gave you the darkest odds for your little miracle. And even though it did not look promising, you decided to sit by that incubator, and pray, anyway.

It could have been a few weeks into your NICU stay when a nurse, however well intentioned, handled your already fragile baby too rough for your liking, sparking an instant flame.

Or maybe it was a few days after discharge from the NICU, when a family member neglected to wash their hands before reaching out to your baby who doesn’t need to see a hospital again, that brings it through.

All NICU parents have that moment, when we first are willing to take on the world and any army to protect our little fighters. [Continue reading]

Celebrating 5 Years of Impact in the NICU Community

NICU mom and Hand to Hold volunteer Erica P visits with a fellow mom at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas at a recent Mother's Day celebration.

Parenting a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and founding a nonprofit have much in common. Both require a strong faith, sheer determination and a community of support. And just as I marvel at the tremendous obstacles my micropreemie … [Continue reading]

Parenting, One Mistake at a Time


Remember when you had it all figured out? When you knew exactly the kind of parent you would be? You read all the books and had all the answers. You knew what you would do and what you wouldn't do. You had your list of "Nevers." Some things were … [Continue reading]

Who Decides? Life-saving Care for Micropreemies

Kangaroo Care with Dad

When Miri’s water broke at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation, we knew our child was in extreme danger, and we were trying to cling to some hope he might live. The neonatologist who came to talk to us didn’t help with hope. “At this stage, I don’t … [Continue reading]

Glasses Can be a Good Thing

Kendall's 1st pair of glasses

When I first realized I was going to be having preemies, I was naturally super scared. Besides all their obvious issues that would more than likely occur, I was very worried about their eyes. I was born with a lazy eye and am legally blind in my … [Continue reading]