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10 Things I’ve Learned About Prematurity

When you experience a premature birth, you’re bound to be changed. Here are a few things I’ve learned about prematurity…

1. Be patient – I find there are so many situations where I need to adjust and just breathe. Things are going to happen that you aren’t expecting. Relax, go over the situation in your head and then make the best choice for the situation.

2. Expect the unexpected – As I mentioned above things are going to come up, we don’t plan to spend time in the hospital, or driving to doctors’ offices that are two hours away but things happen. An example of this is just this past year, we spent Christmas in the hospital because Kendall wound up having RSV. Were we planning on being in the hospital for Christmas? NO! Did we still make the most of the situation? YES!

3. Scars are appreciated – Scars are something that comes with the territory. Surgeries are very common with preemies and I have learned to appreciate them. Of course I am terrified of how kids will react if they see Kendall’s scars. I was thinking about it last night and came to the conclusion that I will have her embrace them. I want to tell her that if she sits and looks at all her scars she will realize that they kept her alive. We made the decision to have the surgeries because we wanted her to live, they were necessary for her survival, and that in itself is AMAZING!

4. Milestones will come – Delays are common in preemies. I had twins and I remember being so frustrated because their milestones were so different. I then had to step back and realize that Brooke was in the hospital for three months and Kendall for eleven so she has been through more and had more traumatizing events. This makes for milestones to come at different times. The point is to not fear, with time the milestones will come, they may be days late, months late, or even years late but they will come and you will still jump up and down and encourage them to meet those milestones.

5. Therapy is necessary SOMETIMES – I feel like this is a big topic. Therapy is sometimes necessary in my opinion. We went through all kinds of therapy with Kendall and some were necessary and some weren’t. With physical therapy she flew through it, as her body thrived she gained momentum and graduated from physical therapy in no time. Kendall was very slow to learn eating and when we would go to occupational therapy I felt like it wasn’t helping. They wouldn’t do anything different then what we would do at home, I felt like we were wasting our time and money for things that weren’t helping. We ultimately made the decision to stop with therapy and just worked extra hard with her at home and we were successful. [Continue reading]

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