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Hope During a Medical Crisis

I was keeping hope that it would be good news; our family didn’t need another medical crisis. But when the doctor called that day, my heart sank. It isn’t a good sign to get results from a brain MRI almost immediately.

People told me to “stay positive” and “be thankful.” But you know what?  “Staying positive” didn’t seem possible for me. We had just gotten devastating news and I was afraid.  I wanted to scream “how in the world can I be thankful for a brain tumor!?

Jaxson, my sweet and hilarious little spit-fire, had gone through so much already in his short life. He was born 4 months early at 23 weeks gestation and spent 93 days in the NICU. He suffers from Chronic Lung Disease, has had six surgeries, and is enrolled in physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

And now he was facing possible brain surgery and chemotherapy.

I was defeated and I had a difficult time keeping hope.

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Five Tips for Preemie Nutrition


Does your preemie have eczema, allergies constipation or reflux? Maybe these are just things that you want to avoid? It's never to late or too early to begin getting your preemie on the best track nutritionally. When my preemie was born I thought I … [Continue reading]

Congratulations to Our 2014 Preemie Power Contest Winners

Preemie Power

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Biggest Prematurity Lesson? Shake It Off

Carolyn's son plays a game during speech therapy.

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Going Back: Volunteering in the NICU


When we rode the elevator down from the 7th floor NICU for the last time, we knew that one day, we would be back. This place where we'd logged a significant part of our life, 5 months to be exact, had become familiar. It had saved our baby's life. So … [Continue reading]