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A Letter to NICU parents

dear NICU parent letter to NICU parentsDear NICU parent,

First of all, congratulations on bringing life into this world! I don’t know how you got to this point. Whether your labor was long or short. Whether this moment was a surprise or a day that you have been anticipating after months on bedrest. I do know that it is ok to have all sorts of feelings, good and bad about how you got to this point.

I know it’s normal to feel sad that you missed your own baby shower or anxious because you don’t have the nursery ready. I know it’s scary to think you didn’t have the full 40 weeks to prepare for your birth, for your baby. But more than anything, I know the feeling of walking into that NICU and seeing your tiny baby hooked up to wires. I know the helpless, angry, and terrified feeling of seeing your child in an isolette. [Continue reading]

FAQs: Should I Vaccinate My Preemie?

Rekha Lakshmanan The Immunization Partnership vaccines preemies vaccinations world immunization week

April 24 - 30 is World Immunization Week, a global public health campaign intended to raise awareness of the importance of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world. When it comes to preemies, many parents are unsure … [Continue reading]

You Are Not Alone

Skrysak Family

April 24 - 30 is National Infertility Awareness Week. Please visit the end of the post for organizations that provide resources and support for those struggling with infertility. It’s a topic people don’t often talk about, infertility. It can be … [Continue reading]

Seizures at Birth: Meilani’s Journey

healthy baby girl seizures NICU journey preemie babies 101

by Christina Brueske My pregnancy was amazing. I never knew there was something so rewarding! Every check up our daughter was right on for growth, and I was healthy. At my 39 week check up on October 26, 2015, I had been having some issues with … [Continue reading]

Fear of Leaving the NICU


My second son was born with a long list of medical complications and special needs that sent him to the NICU the night we was born. He became so sick that he was transferred from his delivery hospital to the NICU of our local Children's hospital. He … [Continue reading]