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Team Hand to Hold Featured Runners

We are one month out from the Austin Marathon, Half Marathon and Paramount 5K! We’ve assembled a team of over 40 runners to fundRACE for Team Hand to Hold. Today we’re introducing some of those runners to you! Read all about who they are and why they run for NICU families.

Dr. Harper & Austin Retina Associates

Austin retina associates, dr armie harper

This year the wonderful employees at Austin Retina Associates, led by Dr. Armie Harper, have joined Team Hand to Hold to run for NICU families. Dr. Harper is a nationally recognized expert on retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a highly preventable cause of blindness in premature babies. He works all over the central Texas area and even volunteers in developing countries to spare babies all over the world from this disease. Dr. Harper is serious about the health of premature babies, visiting every baby in the NICUs at St. David’s Medical Center, St. David’s North Austin, St. David’s South Austin, St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center, Dell Children’s Hospital, Seton Medical Center, and University Health System in San Antonio. [Continue reading]

Reader Stories

Reader Stories, hand to hold, preemie stories, NICU stories

Every once in a while readers write in to share their stories with us. These readers open their hearts to share their hope, their reasons to celebrate, and sometimes even their heartache. Here are just a few of those stories. Hisham the Super … [Continue reading]

The Green Onesie

green onesie, NICU humor

In a landfill somewhere there is a pale green Calvin Klein onesie. But I'll get to that. Post-NICU, our 24-weeker was about nine months old, home with her dad and me. It was winter, and she had pneumonia. She was trached, on a ventilator with a … [Continue reading]

We Need to Change our Thinking About the Mom’s Role in Premature Birth Prevention

premature birth guilt

I have been part of the premature birth community for nearly five years now since giving birth to my 26-weeker. I’ve talked with so many women who’ve experienced premature birth for a myriad of reasons, as well as women who are pregnant and hoping … [Continue reading]

Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home

spinning, Janine kovac, hand to hold, book review

We received a complimentary copy of Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home in exchange for this review. All words and opinions are that of the reviewer.  In her new memoir, Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home, author Janine Kovac effortlessly … [Continue reading]