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The Ties That Bind Us

In motherhood, we form bonds that are unique to this stage in life and unlike those previously made. This common thread of motherhood connects us to the women surrounding us, and friendships take on a whole new meaning. Perhaps that’s why we become mothers in the first place—to be part of something bigger than ourselves—not only through the extension of ourselves via our children, but also through the sisterhood of being mothers.

But within these walls of motherhood exists inner circles, clubs whose members don’t want to accept new recruits. These mothers don’t want to share their experiences, and they don’t want to welcome another into the fold; but when they do, they cling to each other, as it means someone else identifies and understands. These circles include the Parent-of-a-Terminally-Sick-Child Club, the Infertility Club, the Loss-of-a-Child Club. Me? I’m a card-carrying member of the Child-with-a-Birth-Defect Club. [Continue reading]

Techniques for Building Resilience in the NICU


Being an NICU parent has an incredible impact on your mental and emotional health. With the 5 NICU myths debunked, let’s look at skills and techniques that can help you through the hospitalization and after discharge. NICU mental health … [Continue reading]

5 Myths About the NICU and Your Mental and Emotional Health

Monarch Butterfly Birth

Please join us on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at 12 p.m. CST on the Hand to Hold Facebook page for an informative chat on Letting Go of the NICU Guilt. Dr. Cheryl A. Milford, Ed.S. will be our guest.  Being a parent in the NICU is a challenging and … [Continue reading]

Restoring Your Preemie’s Gut Flora: The Secret Ingredient

We had been out of the hospital three months when I first heard the words gut flora. Little did I know that was the secret ingredient to getting our little girl to optimum health. Gut flora is the intestinal flora, or the microorganisms that … [Continue reading]

Put On Your Oxygen Mask First – Practicing Good Self-Care

Care-giver stress

In my former life I traveled for work. Every time a flight attendant would give a safety demo and say, "Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others," it got me thinking. Really, does it make sense to help yourself first? What if you are … [Continue reading]