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The Mother I Didn’t Want To Be

I spent a year waiting to see if I could live with the man I married (he didn’t live in the same country until a month after the fact) before we considered having children. Three, to be precise. One to complain that they were the oldest child, one to complain that they were the youngest, and one to complain about being the middle child.

Now I have, and will only have, one child who doesn’t complain about being an only child. Torran has Autism and is completely happy with his own company.

But I’m not.

I didn’t want to be the mother who had to heap yet another diagnosis on my child. Hadn’t he been through enough already? Sure, he was thriving, but he faced a lifetime of surgical risks and life threats. Each new diagnosis set back my emotional coping for months at a time.

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Living with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Waiting for a CI mapping

When my husband, Scott, and I made the decision to have children, we knew there was a strong possibility our children would have hearing loss once reaching adulthood. A hereditary hearing loss is prevalent in Scott’s paternal family. Scott, his twin … [Continue reading]

For the Love of Babies is Love that Goes Beyond

for the love of babies invite

With the ever changing healthcare landscape, it is often easy to get caught up in the challenges that plague the industry rather than focusing on the tremendous benefits and blessings made possible by the access we have to advanced medical care … [Continue reading]

When Your Child Is A Survivor

Peyton at 17 months old

When a stranger asks me if my daughter is our only child, a thousand thoughts run through my head. While it’s a common question for most people, it’s a loaded question for me. In truth, Peyton is a triplet. Her identical sister died a few hours after … [Continue reading]

10 Things Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Tell a NICU Parent

Source: Biography.com

Today, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the words of this wise man. Think about it... what would he tell us NICU parents if he were still alive today? Probably the same things he said all those … [Continue reading]