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10 Quotes to Encourage You During Your NICU Stay

This is a special guest post by Trish Ringley, RN and founder of NICU Central and Every Tiny Thing.

Without a doubt, the NICU is a place of stress and disappointment. Sure, it can be wonderful & sweet, with adorable babies & hopeful parents, but let’s be real – often it’s a total downer.

Personally, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, lost, and in need of some cheer, I like getting inspiration from others. And on behalf of NICU parents, I love to collect quotes that bring a little insight and encouragement during the difficult days.

These are my top ten favorites. I hope they bring YOU a little bit of joy, comfort and insight:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Maclaren

Be kind to yourself, because you truly are fighting a hard battle – you deserve kindness and compassion. While you are in the NICU, others may say thoughtless or hurtful things. They may forget the hard battle you are fighting or they may not know how to show kindness. But you can remind yourself to go easy on yourself.

Also, be kind to your partner, for they are going through this too – differently, and maybe not in a way that you want or like – but they, too, are struggling through this and need your kindness.



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