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Talking to Your Child about Their Disability

“Yes I Can” Starts with Coaching by Us

talking to child about disability

At some point, parents and caregivers have to cross a hard bridge: to tell a child about his disability.

Admittedly, I didn’t watch a lot of the coverage of the sports coverage from Rio this year. However, when I stumbled across the Channel 4 Rio Paralympics promotional video “We’re the Superhumans,” I cried. I promptly showed my son, Torran, and cried again. For his part, he laughed with delight at the wheelchair bound athlete flying off a ramp through the air.


Most interestingly, Torran didn’t realize, and didn’t care, that the people in the video were different from “normal.” [Continue reading]

5 Things Every NICU Parent Should Know About RSV

5-things RSV

This article was originally published on the Hand to Hold website.  RSV Update:  This year the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their recommendations for use of Palivizumab against RSV in a policy statement entitled “Updated Guidance for … [Continue reading]

Yearning for connection after miscarriage

connection miscarriage holding hands

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. For more information on grief and healing, visit Hand to Hold's bereavement resources.  I have never liked visions of heaven that have it be a separate place, a place where we float as souls … [Continue reading]

It’s a Small World After All: My Son’s NICU Nurse Used to be My Boss


During the 68 days my preemie spent in the NICU, there were a few, and only a few, moments when I felt everything was going to be okay. That my son was going to be okay. The rest of the time was spent alternating between fears he would never be able … [Continue reading]

Bearing Witness to Pain After a Trauma

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Many people have strong reactions to and opinions about being told, “everything happens for a reason.” I recently read an article that equated these words to “nothing less than emotional, spiritual and psychological violence.” I know while my son … [Continue reading]