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“Mama, Carry You!” How My Preemie Taught Me to Walk

Sometimes I resented it like crazy that I had to ask to hold my preemie. Then, to make it that much worse, sometimes it felt like he was being yanked from my arms. And sometimes he was because he had stopped breathing. Another time, a nurse actually reprimanded me for holding him too much because, you know, once I got home with him, he was never going to let me put him down. And, sometimes, okay…a lot of the time, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I’d walk away. Often I’d go find a semi-private place in the hospital and sob.carry [Continue reading]

Coralee’s Story: The Path That Lay Ahead

path prematurity story preeclampsia premature delivery

My first appointment with my OB in my third trimester started out as a routine check-up, but quickly took a turn for the worse. The first abnormal thing they noticed was there were trace amounts of protein in my urine. Throughout my pregnancy, I … [Continue reading]

Changes Coming to Preemie Babies 101!


Changes are coming soon here at Preemie Babies 101, and we could not be more excited! Since it's inception in 2009, Preemie Babies 101 has come a long way. Transforming from an informative blog run by one dedicated mom to now a collaborative site … [Continue reading]

Babywearing Benefits for the Premature Infant

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When your baby is born prematurely, it is natural to feel unimaginable stress and helplessness. But if there was something more you could do to promote the health and wellness of your baby, while greatly easing your emotional stress, you would … [Continue reading]

14 (More) Inspirational Quotes to Encourage You During Your NICU Stay

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Inspirational quotes and passages are powerful tools that help get us through some of the most difficult of times. We asked members of our Facebook community what quotes gave them strength and encouragement during their NICU journey. Here are some of … [Continue reading]