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Alden Gilligan

About Alden Gilligan

Alden Gilligan (NM) is the mom of girl/boy twins born at 31 weeks. She delivered after being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome after an otherwise completely healthy pregnancy. Her twins were in the NICU for 78 days and are now almost 7 months old and doing well despite a bout with NEC, GERD, and hernia repairs. Alden jokes that she is "retired" but is a stay at home mom who enjoys spending time outdoors with her kids, baking, playing soccer, and blogging in her spare time. You can read her blog here, and find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Toddler Surgery: A Follow up Post

This is a follow-up from Alden’s first post, Sleep Like a Baby: Toddler Sleep Study.

After a few months of doctor’s appointments and tests, our 22-month-old daughter, Neala, had her tonsils and adenoids removed, as well as her turbinates reduced. She was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and after her sleep study, we went to the ear, nose and throat doctor for a follow up appointment. They informed us that she’d greatly benefit from surgery and as she sat contently reading her books in the doctor’s office, he said, “Oh, yeah…we can really help that!” The “that” he was referring to was her Darth Vader breathing which I’d become so used to that I hadn’t realized that our definition of quiet and everyone else’s definition of quiet was completely different. [Read more]

Sleep Like A Baby: Toddler Sleep Study

When I took our twin toddlers to their 18 month check-up, I had a list of questions for the pediatrician, one of which was, why does our daughter almost exclusively breathe through her mouth? [Read more]

16 Months of Exclusively Pumping for Twins

Our twins were born at 31 weeks after a crash c-section. I was a mess. High doses of magnesium to manage atypical HELLP Syndrome, coupled with various other drugs, preemie twins, and the fact that my husband was out of town left me fairly devastated. I couldn’t stand up, I certainly couldn’t walk, and my […]

Preemie Babies and Pets

My first “kids” were our dogs. Chloe and Stella, one brown mutt, one black mutt. They weren’t (aren’t) the best behaved furballs and they shed uncontrollably, have a nasty habit of barking every time they hear anything (and I do mean anything) outside, and they snore like old men, but they love us fiercely, and […]

Accessing Resources with Help from a Social Worker

Having a preemie is a very scary process and can also be very confusing. When your baby arrives early, you’re not prepared in the way you might have been if you’d carried to full term. I know this was the case for us. I was 31 weeks pregnant with our twins when I delivered unexpectedly […]