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Aimee Sprik

About Aimee Sprik

Aimee Sprik (IL) is mother to Connor, born unexpectedly early at 26 weeks, in December 2008, due to an infection. Connor, with his parents, survived a complicated 120-day NICU stay, which changed their lives forever. Since bringing her son finally home, she's felt passionately about volunteering her time and resources to supporting fellow NICU parents, both at the hospital where Connor was born, and by co-founding Life after NICU, an online parent support forum now moderated by Hand to Hold. You can follow Aimee on her personal blog, Sprik Space, or send her an email.

See you later…

  Today is a bittersweet day for us… this is the last day that we will be managing Life after NICU. {source} Although the NICU experience will always be a part of our journey, it is now time for us to move on from running this amazing group and dedicate that time back to our […]

Record It – Create a Timeline

The last post we shared talked about recording your miracle’s journey in a story format, like a blog or collection of essays.  If that endeavor seems daunting to you, what about keeping just those key details in a simpler format… a running status list, or a timeline? While Connor was in the NICU, I kept […]

Record It – Sharing Updates / Keeping a Journal or Blog

A NICU journey is an experience like no other.  For many of us, it will be the hardest thing we ever have to go through.  During a NICU stay, we are tried and tested watching our little ones fight for survival.  We learn about the inner strength we didn’t know we possessed… and we will […]

Free Printable :: Germ Free Zone Sign

In just 2 short months, many of us will begin our “house arrest” for RSV and flu season… doing everything we can to protect our little ones from those life-threatening germs that run so rampant that time of year. So often it is difficult for family and friends to understand exactly how frightening RSV and […]

Capture It – Create a Diagram

We wrote in an earlier post about capturing perspective photos of your little one’s journey, and today we have another idea for you… create a diagram. Connor is only 4.5 years old, and as I look at the diagram I created of all the tubes and wires connected to him during those early NICU days, I […]