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Babs Haller

About Babs Haller

Babs (TX) is the mother of premature twins, Jack and Kate. Jack was delivered at 24 weeks following an umbilical cord accident and died. Kate, born two weeks later, spent 59 days in the NICU. From age 4, she has required occupational and vision therapy. Babs is passionate about supporting families affected by loss and prematurity, raising funds for prevention research, and serving as an awareness ambassador. Babs is proud to have been the first staff member of Hand to Hold. View a video about her experience or email her.

Sleep Awareness for Preemie Parents

It’s a huge relief to finally have your baby home from the NICU, but there can be anxiety leaving the dedicated staff and reliable monitors behind. If you are arriving home without equipment, it can be extremely frightening to allow your baby to sleep without standing there staring right at him/her. Our first night home, I decided that I would just never sleep again. Period. Eventually my body gave out and after a few nights of trying, I realized that my baby was doing just fine without me. For the record, the NICU follows specific standards set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to ensure that your baby is capable of sleeping/breathing consistently before they are discharged. [Read more]

5 Questions to Ask a Preemie’s Pediatrician

Some preemie parents haven’t selected a pediatrician prior to birth because they figured they had forty weeks to do so. I, however, had selected mine based on quite a bit of research. In retrospect, I hadn’t been asking the right questions at all. Preemies and preemie parents deserve to have special attention from their pediatrician […]

Ways to Remember Your Baby

In a perfect world, I would have celebrated Jack’s sixth birthday in June at a swimming party with friends, family, and Jack. But since he passed away when I was five and a half months pregnant, I have found my own ways to celebrate and remember him. In recognition of October as Pregnancy and Infant […]

So Many Ways to Bond With Your Preemie

Traditional childbirth? Nope. There was nothing traditional about our pregnancy, delivery, NICU stay, or arrival home. Instead of wondering who my daughter looked like when she was born, I wondered if she was breathing. Rather than hold her and exchange glances as she associated mommy’s voice with my face, she was whisked away in a […]

PTSD Awareness Day: My Story

As a female, I can say with 100% confidence that, for me, the anticipation of one day becoming a mother far exceeded that of any other life event. Think about the love and care that toddlers show their baby dolls. The desire for nurturing a baby begins extremely early on. My dream came true at […]