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A Letter to NICU parents

Dear NICU parent, First of all, congratulations on bringing life into this world! I don’t know how you got to this point. Whether your labor was long or short. Whether this moment was a surprise or a day that you have been anticipating after months on bedrest. I do know that it is ok to […]

My Fertility Journey with a Uterine Septum

After my water broke, and I delivered my daughter seven weeks early, I often wondered why. Did I do something wrong? Would it happen again if I were to get pregnant in a few years? Most women who experience preterm labor ask themselves these same questions. Many times there aren’t answers. For me, I didn’t have any answers until my daughter was almost three months old. [Read more]

The ABCs of the NICU: Surviving the first few days of your NICU stay

When we were pregnant with our first baby, we did all the things most couples do to prepare for her arrival. We cleared out a room, set up the crib and read dozens of pregnancy books. However, when my water broke seven weeks early, we were thrown into an unfamiliar world. During pregnancy you learn […]

Coping with Preemie Mommy Guilt

The other night, my 18-month old daughter woke up with an upset stomach and diaper rash. We changed her, comforted her, and she fell back asleep. I lay awake and wondered what had caused her discomfort. Then it hit me. I had given her oranges and strawberries that day. The guilt creeped in. What kind […]

Top Ways to Help a Loved One Through a NICU Stay

Our world was turned upside down the day my water broke seven weeks too soon. We would have never made it through the next few months without the kindness, generosity, and overwhelming support of our friends, family, and complete strangers. When you have a loved one going through a NICU stay, you may feel helpless, […]