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Cristal Grogan

About Cristal Grogan

Cristal Grogan (MD) is the mother of Seth, who was born at 29 weeks weighing 2lbs 4oz due to severe preeclampsia, HELLP, and IUGR. As a military wife, Cristal and her husband were living in southern Spain at the time. Seth’s NICU stay was complicated as he battled NEC, ROP, IVH, PDA, Sepsis and PVL, but Seth defied all odds. He is now a happy and healthy 3 year old avid reader living with Autism and SPD. After navigating through the NICU life in a foreign country, amidst a language barrier and lacking proper resources or support system, Cristal swore to become involved in the preemie community to make sure no other parent was left in the same desperate situation. Currently, she is the Administrative Assistant for Preemie Parent Alliance and social media volunteer for It’s a Preemie Thing. In her personal blog, she describes the daily life of a military family with a special needs child.

The Therapy Waiting Room

Dear Mom trying to hold it together, I’m sorry that your little one is having such a hard time lately. I’m just never quite sure if I should try to strike up a conversation with you as we awkwardly wait in this cold, little room. I want to respect your privacy and I apologize for […]

Dental Issues of Prematurity

We all picture the day our baby’s gummy smile is suddenly changed by their first teeth erupting. I mean, what’s cuter than a little baby looking up at you with their tiny new pearly whites grinning back at you? But what if there were issues that your preemie could be facing once they began teething? […]

Coping with Grief as a Special Needs Parent

Coping with, and overcoming grief, as a special needs parent, is an ongoing process. We ride a continuous rollercoaster of triumphs and tribulations where mere minutes can mean the difference between happiness and heartache. At times, you can become so consumed with sadness that you feel as if you’re drowning and can barely keep your […]

The Grief of a Special Needs Parent

    Most people associate grief, especially complicated grief, as something only experienced after the death of a loved one. However, many people fail to understand that complicated grief isn’t just about death.      In an article entitled Complicated Grief, the Mayo Clinic states: “While normal grief symptoms gradually start to fade over a few […]

So your preemie has GERD. Now What?!?

I’m sure by now you know the sinking feeling you get when other moms come at you with the “my baby had reflux too” stories. First, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is one of the most common problems that a preemie can have. It’s often misunderstood and […]