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Dani Curliss

About Dani Curliss

Dani Curliss (TX) is the mother of two, Kylie and Austin. Kylie was born 10 weeks early, weighing 2lbs. 10oz., and Austin was born at 37 weeks. Both babies were born early due to preeclampsia. Kylie is now three and has no lasting complications from her prematurity. Dani and her husband have made their life mission to raise awareness of prematurity and preeclampsia and she shared Kylie's NICU journey on her personal blog. She learned a wealth of information during their six-week NICU stay, and finds healing from their experience by helping and encouraging others with their story. You can find Dani on Pinterest, or email her at d.curliss@outlook.com.

Breastfeeding Problems? Cut Yourself Some Slack, Momma!

As if the changes in your body aren’t enough, giving birth to a preemie adds a whole other element to recovery. I was always uncomfortable talking about breastfeeding and was never the type to share breastfeeding posts or advocate for it. I wasn’t against it or anything, I just didn’t talk about it. When my […]

Being Chosen as a Preemie Mom

I spent a lot of time during our NICU stay, as well as some time after we were home, battling thoughts in my mind of “Why us? Why did we have to go through that?” As a Christian, I knew there had to be some sort of lesson behind it and tried to figure out […]

Our First NICU Visit Post-Graduation

At times while visiting our sweet, tiny girl in the NICU, I would hear a knock at the door of the nurse’s station.  It wasn’t the normal entrance to the NICU, so once I realized who was on the other side of the door, a pang of jealousy and bitterness would hit. They were not […]

Your Preemie is Turning One! And Other Firsts

I remember sitting in the NICU, looking at my sweet and very tiny baby girl. We were just three days into the NICU life and I was feeling upset and overwhelmed when I would think about being there at least another 40 days. I didn’t know how I was going to get through it. I […]

Thank You to the Fathers of Preemies

Our Kylie was born ten weeks early due to my diagnosis with preeclampsia. I knew something was wrong when I was 29 weeks pregnant and my head hurt so bad that I was vomiting and could barely see. My husband rushed me to the emergency room. It all seems like a blur but one thing […]