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Erica Kingsbury

About Erica Kingsbury

Erica (WA) is mom to busy toddler, Everett, who was born 8 weeks prematurely via emergency c-section. After a healthy pregnancy and no known cause for the premature birth, Erica and her husband dealt with the struggles and fear of watching their son spend a month in the NICU before going home. Everett is now a healthy, active little boy and while his NICU days sometimes seem far away, Erica has a passion for blogging about their time in the NICU in the hope that others may benefit and find hope through her family’s story. After working for a financial company for several years, Erica is now a stay at home mom. In her spare time (what’s that?) she trains for her first upcoming bodybuilding competition and coaches others to achieve health and wellness.

The NICU Window

My son is nearly 15 months old. Some days I look at my busy, clumsy toddler and forget that the NICU ever happened. Other days I remember it like it was yesterday, the memories of our month in the NICU still so vividly alive in my mind. Where we currently live, I drive by the […]