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Heather Hucks

About Heather Hucks

Heather Hucks (NC) is the mother to a 24 weeker, Tucker, who weighed 1 lb 7oz at birth and spent 151 days in the NICU. She still balks at the sound of a fast food fry machine alarm that sounds eerily just like a brady alarm and has come to learn that Tucker’s NICU list of complications is somewhat mild when it comes to a 24 weeker. So far, he has no major issues from his prematurity. Heather has also learned to resist sneaking a peek at the playbook for life. She has seen through this experience that she isn’t the author and doesn’t write the plays. She works full time, blogs about her family, and tries to limit cupcakes to one a day. You can read about her parenting rookie stunts at Team Hucks or find her on Facebook.

Surviving Isolation During the Holidays

So, you started isolation. You’ve loaded the pantry with the isolation artillery: Clorox wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol. You barely leave the house. You’ve become fast friends with the computer, your only link to everything happening outside your bubble. You and the family have settled into an isolation friendly routine. Limited trips in public, shoes off at the door, 2 minute hand scrubs, Lysol sweeps every few days and radar ears for any cough or sneeze within a 30 foot radius of your earshot.

And now? It’s the holidays. [Read more]

Going Back: Volunteering in the NICU

When we rode the elevator down from the 7th floor NICU for the last time, we knew that one day, we would be back. This place where we’d logged a significant part of our life, 5 months to be exact, had become familiar. It had saved our baby’s life. So we knew that one day, […]

Preemies vs. Statistics

When too many numbers get jumbled in my head, it’s overwhelming. Even on a good day. I came this close to failing my mandatory college statistics class.  I would tell you what this close means in percentages, but herein lies my point, I’m that bad at math.  So, when we found ourselves in a hospital room listening […]

Your Baby Needs Blood

We rounded the corner after scrubbing in for the obligatory 3 minutes. As we neared the fourth pod, I saw that the neonatologist was sitting on a stool right beside Tucker’s isolette. We were only 4 days new to the NICU experience, but I knew enough to know that if the neonatologist was camped out […]

Friendships During and After Crisis

Friendships can crumble. Over the days and weeks and months of a NICU stay and even after discharge, friendships and family relationships can become strained. Even the ones you thought were crumble resistant. When you least expect it and when you need them most, sometimes friendships fall apart in the midst of crisis. A NICU […]