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Jennifer Beatty

About Jennifer Beatty

Jennifer Beatty (TX) is the mother of two active boys born early and a social worker employed by Hand to Hold. With her first son, she delivered at 36 weeks and experienced a brief overnight stay in the NICU for blood sugar issues. After fertility issues with her second pregnancy, Jennifer was devastated to have an emergency delivery at 30 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. Though her younger son only weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces at birth, he came home after 45 days in the NICU at just over 5 pounds and is a strong and healthy preschooler.

The Benefits of Kangaroo Care

by Jennifer Beatty, MSW, Family Support Navigator and NICU mom of two Kangaroo care is a form of developmental care that has benefits for all newborns, especially those who are in the neonatal intensive care unit. Also known as skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo mother care, kangaroo care involves direct contact when a newborn is placed skin-to-skin on […]

Life After NICU? He’s Still a NICU Dad + {Free Printable!}

As your NICU days end and you take your baby home, things start to feel normal. Well, a ‘new’ sort of normal. But, life after the NICU can sometimes be just as scary, instead now, there’s no nurse to help you know how to care for your baby. That’s why Hand to Hold encourages NICU families […]

Designing the NICU

Before my son’s early arrival, NICU was not a word that was a part of my vocabulary. And before attending the Healthcare Design Conference, I never realized how much thought, effort and planning goes into the design of a NICU suite. In a way, being a part of the design team reminded me of my […]

{FB Chat} Impact of the NICU on Relationships – Learning Healthy Communication Tools

Traumatic events or prolonged periods of stress can wreak havoc on a marriage, and sometimes they can even lead to divorce. Navigating the NICU is difficult and men and women grieve differently, so it is essential to a relationship that you have the tools necessary to effectively communicate your feelings and stresses to your loved ones. […]

{FB Chat} Not Just Another Resolution – Making Self-Care Stick

Sarina LaMarche, Senior Career and Life Coach with Renee Trudeau & Associates, looks at how to set realistic goals for self-care this year and how to make them stick, even if you sometimes fall off the wagon. Get re-energized this year so you are more rested, relaxed, healthier and more organized. [Read more]