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Katie Reginato Cascamo

About Katie Reginato Cascamo

Katie Reginato Cascamo, M.A. is the Founder & Principal Consultant for Courageous Steps, that offers management and leadership consulting to organizations that care for preemies and special needs by providing tools for meaningful organizational health and employee engagement. Katie also leads a workforce development program for families benefiting from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) through Goodwill Industries. Her son, Giovanni, was born 2 ½ months premature at 2 ½ pounds in 2009 is now a healthy and strong second grader who wins 5Ks in his age group, is a gymnast, loves YMCA and excels in school. 

NICU Nurses: We Save Babies

Neonatal Nurses Day is a celebration of the nurses that care for our babies born premature and babies with complications. The theme for 2017 is special. The theme “We Save Babies” came from the voices of our NICU Nurses at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) conference in 2016. NANN organizers listened to the voices […]

NICU Rhythms

In 2009 I led our family through a 56-day NICU stay with our son Giovanni, who was born 2 ½ months premature at 2 ½ pounds. Reflecting on our NICU journey, I shared the same rhythms familiar to most NICU families. I participated in feeding, diapering and taking my son’s temperature every three hours. I kept this rhythm by pumping every three hours 24 hours per day. I found comfort in the consistent rhythms, rituals, cycles, structures and practices outlined by our NICU staff. It’s been six years since our NICU stay and my family still compliments my strength, in awe of my ability to maintain the schedule by waking every three hours. Giovanni is now six years old and a healthy elementary school boy in the 76th percentile. [Read more]

Book Review: Go Preemies! by A.P. Male

At Hand to Hold we like celebrating the milestone, amazing achievements of our preemies as Preemie Power. We were excited when Andy Male published a book titled Go Preemies! (Millman Publishing Group, 2014), which highlights the stories of preemies who changed the world with their preemie power. Examples include:

three of the most influential scientists of all time: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newtown and Charles Darwin.
Nobel Peace Prize leader Winston Churchill.
An Olympic Champion Wilma Ruldolph
An American literary genius Mark Twain.
and many others…. [Read more]

Chasing ADHD

“Sit Down!!!!” This phrase is repeated more often with my 5-year-old son then any other. Born 2 ½ months premature at 2 ½ pounds due to pre-eclampsia, Giovanni has been a source of energetic strength, inspiration and courage the last five years. [Read more]

Book Review: Girl in Glass by Deanna Fei

Deanna Fei, author of Girl in Glass (Bloomsbury Books, 2015), didn’t seek national attention. Fei’s four month NICU stay with her daughter Mila led to a national uproar when AOL CEO Tim Armstrong identified her daughter as a “distressed baby.” [Read more]