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Kayla Aimee

About Kayla Aimee

Kayla Aimee (GA) is the mom of a micro-preemie, Scarlette, who was born at 25 weeks gestation at just 1lb 8.6 ozs and spent 156 days in the NICU, facing a myriad of issues from PDAs to milk protein intolerance to sensory processing disorder. Scarlette is now a feisty four year old who spends her post-NICU days charming everyone she meets.

Kayla Aimee is the author of Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected, a memoir detailing their journey with prematurity, born from her love of writing and her passion for providing support for parents of preemies.

A southern girl through and through, Kayla Aimee writes about faith, family and her favorite things at www.kaylaaimee.com and loves chatting with other parents on her Facebook page

Giving Back: NICU Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

In 2010 my daughter was born fifteen and a half weeks early, making her February due date give way to a November birthday. Spending our first Christmas with our first child in the hospital, still unsure of whether or not we would ever bring her home, was incredibly difficult for us. The holidays were so hard that year, our situation looked so dim compared to all of the merry and bright outside of the hospital walls.

Now Scarlette is five years old, and every year on Christmas morning we visit the NICU where we spent our first Christmas with her as a family of three and deliver gift baskets to each of the families in the unit. It has become such a special holiday tradition in our family, and I love packing the gifts with her as an expression of gratitude for our journey. [Read more]

Finding An Anchor In The Wreckage of Prematurity (+ A Giveaway!)

The heart of my story centers on my journey to motherhood, the one in which I found¬†myself joyfully pregnant after years of infertility only to then give birth unexpectedly at just 25 weeks. We named her Scarlette and she weighed one pound, eight point six ounces. And even though she weighed less than six sticks […]

Tackling Feeding When Your Preemie Has SPD

Feeding my micro-preemie was never easy. First there was that whole thing about how she was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than my typical dinner plate. Then that whole thing about about how she needed to be fed through a tube. And how after that she had tongue thrust issues that required a […]

Celebrating Your Preemie’s Homecoming Day

My daughter was born at 25 weeks on November 7, 2010. She came home 156 days later on April 12, 2011. In ¬†November we throw her a birthday party, complete with banners and balloons and birthday cake. This year she asked to have a tea party and we sipped warm apple cider out of tiny […]

This Is The Face Of PTSD #preemiemoms

I’m sitting on a slotted wooden bench, nearly shoulder to shoulder with the other moms. We’re strangers mostly but we share a common thread, linking us on this bench as we talk among ourselves, pausing often to gaze intently through the two-way glass set deep into the wall we’re facing. Those are our babies in […]