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My Friend Had A Preemie: How Can I Help?

It’s the email that appears repeatedly in my inbox, the same message spelled out in different words each time from various kind hearted people around the country. Their friend or family member has just had a baby prematurely and while their stories are not all the same they each want to know “What can I […]

Advice For Parents Of Preemies: Learning To Ask The Questions

My daughter was two months old on the day that I discovered that I had missed her first bath. And her second. And her third. And I don’t actually know how many others because I was too embroiled in my emotions, simultaneously outraged and heartbroken, to ask. Scarlette was born at twenty five weeks. At […]

“Is She Going To Be Normal?”

Sometimes, when people would ask, the anger I felt at our situation would rise up and boil over in my answer. “She’s going to be perfect” I’d spit through gritted teeth. Other times, the weight pressed heavy on my shoulders, bowed and bent under the reply. “I don’t know. I don’t know. But she’s perfect.” […]