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Katrina Moline

About Katrina Moline

Katrina A. Moline (TX) is a special needs mom to her micropreemie, Bryce. He was born at 24 weeks at home, where she and her husband gave him CPR until medical responders arrived. He spent 150 days in the NICU at Dell Children's in Austin, TX. Bryce has hydrocephalus with a VP shunt, is legally blind with glasses, has mild cerebral palsy and severe, global developmental delays. In July of 2012 she gave birth to her second child only one day shy of 37 weeks and with no complications. She posts regularly on her personal blog about life with a micropreemie, her struggles, accomplishments and family.

Keeping Your Preemie Safe

“Be Careful, Baby” The three little words that come out of my mouth at least a million times a day. But when your almost four year old doesn’t yet walk – and still struggles mightily with motor planning – falls, bumps and bruises are an all too often occurrence. In the last two months Bryce […]

A Mother’s Ramblings on Cerebral Palsy

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Cerebral Palsy.  Most often it seems people assume that when you say your child has CP that means that they aren’t intelligent or that they are completely wheelchair bound. While this is the case for many living with CP, there are also many who struggle in […]

Speech Therapy at Home

I recently had to come to terms with the fact that my 24-week preemie will no longer be able to continue with the same therapy regimen he’s followed for the last three years, since coming home from a five-month NICU stint. We’ve relied heavily on therapy, from Early Childhood Intervention before Bryce turned three, as […]

Revisiting the NICU as a Volunteer

The 150 days that my son Bryce spent in the NICU at Dell Children’s Medical Center were the longest, most trying days of my life thus far.  And it’s not hard to imagine that few trials going forth will test my resolve nearly as much as watching my 1-1/2 pound infant son fight for his […]

Oh, The Things People Say

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, when I convince myself nothing and no one can deflate me – some unwitting stranger does.  And always at the moment I least expect it. Maybe I’m having a particularly ambitious day and I’ve ventured to the grocery store with my 3-year-old who doesn’t walk or talk […]