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Lesley Donaldson-Reid

About Lesley Donaldson-Reid

Lesley Donaldson-Reid (ON, Canada) is a nurse and writer whose personal blog focuses on her life, special needs and travel with her family. Lesley is the author of Growing A Rainbow, the painful and uplifting narrative about Torran, born at 26 weeks and 6 days from sub-chorionic bleeds and oligohydramnios. Torran has hydrocephalus from grade 3 & 4 IVH, PVL, autism, audio dys-synchrony hearing loss & cerebral palsy (and other medical stuff). Connect with Lesley: Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest, & Google+.

Talking to Your Child about Their Disability

“Yes I Can” Starts with Coaching by Us At some point, parents and caregivers have to cross a hard bridge: to tell a child about his disability. Admittedly, I didn’t watch a lot of the coverage of the sports coverage from Rio this year. However, when I stumbled across the Channel 4 Rio Paralympics promotional […]

5 Ways to Prepare for a Trip to the Emergency Room

It’s important to prepare yourself and your family to take your baby to the emergency room (ER) even if you don’t know when that emergency will happen. Preemies and other NICU babies going home may have diagnosed medical problems such as hydrocephalus from brain bleeds at birth, tracheostomy or feeding tubes, or the need for corrective […]

The Mother I Didn’t Want To Be

I spent a year waiting to see if I could live with the man I married (he didn’t live in the same country until a month after the fact) before we considered having children. Three, to be precise. One to complain that they were the oldest child, one to complain that they were the youngest, and […]

A Babysitter for Your Preemie? Yes, You Can!

When Torran came home from the hospital, I didn’t think I’d ever let go of him, much less someone else be his babysitter. In the NICU, my emotions had a terrific bashing. Yet, the joy of coming home with my son was sometimes overshadowed by the ongoing stress of early preemie/special needs parenting. There were days […]

You Said WHAT?! Social Media Etiquette for Preemie Parents

There’s a special place in my heart for parents and caregivers who experience difficult situations with their babies and children. I feel like these folks are more resilient, more appreciative of the miracle of nature and, ultimately, they are inspirational. I find them in like minded communities, offering support and sharing stories beyond life in […]