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Melissa Haber

About Melissa Haber

Melissa Haber (NY) is mother to Daphne, a surviving identical twin who was born at 27 weeks 4 days, moments after sister Leah passed away. Daphne was in the NICU for five long months, and had open-heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect when she was six months old. At three years old, she continues to battle kidney disease and other delays related to her prematurity. Daphne is proud to have the greatest big sister in the world, six-year-old Lucy. The family lives outside of New York City. Melissa blogs regularly about life with a former micropreemie, parenting challenges, and loss and grieving. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Ready for Air – {Review + Giveaway!}

Though I was provided with a copy of Ready for Air for review, all opinions expressed are my own. A confession: I am cautious about reading prematurity memoirs, for two reasons. First, they bring back to consciousness feelings from the day of Daphne’s birth and her darkest NICU days. I am not actively trying to […]

Your Preemie Has Feeding Issues? You Are Not Alone!

One of my happiest moments during my daughter’s five-month NICU stay was one morning when I called her primary nurse, and she told me Daphne had drunk an entire bottle of expressed breast milk. A whole 40ml of milk, by mouth (that’s just slightly over one ounce, for those not versed on the metric system.) […]

On Catching Up. Or Not.

As the parent of a preemie, at some point during your NICU stay, or soon after, you will hear the famous, or infamous, “catch up by two” expression. This means that by two years old, your child is expected to have caught up developmentally with his or her peers. While for later-term preemies this may […]

Isolation, From Your Preemie’s Point of View

Let’s pretend you are a premature baby, living the hard NICU life. You have immature lungs, brain, digestive tract, immune system. You are expected to breathe air before you’re ready, to regulate your body temperature outside Mommy’s womb, digest food when you should still be drinking amniotic fluid, and to make matters worse, you have […]

Six Tips to Choose the Best Specialists for Your Preemie

When your micro preemie gets discharged from the NICU, you are, of course, overjoyed. You look forward to having some quiet time at home to get to know your baby, and yet, you soon realize that you may be out of the house more often than you’d like. Along with those prized discharge papers, you […]