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About Suhir

Suhir Jabreen is 33 years old and from London, UK. She is a mom to two girls under two with a 13 month age gap. Her 2nd daughter, Faye was born in May 2016 at 28 weeks, weighing 1.25kg and spent 2 uneventful months in the NICU. Suhir is a BRCA1 carrier and had a double bilateral mastectomy in 2013, with a hysterectomy is planned in a few years time. She has spent the last 8 years living in Dubai, UAE, where both her girls were born, but is heading back to the UK this year.

You can find Suhir on Instagram at @thatmamabreezy

When Coming Home from the NICU Isn’t What You Expected

In the NICU Faye seemed like she did so well. She sailed through her two-month stay with no issues and the doctors we all so impressed with her. They called her the superstar of the ward. This was my second time around at being a mama, so once there was talk of her coming home […]