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Shoshana Koch

About Shoshana Koch

Shoshana Koch (MN) is the mother of Luca, born at 26 weeks weighing only 1 lb. 13 oz., due to unexplained PPROM. After 151 days in the NICU, Luca came home with a tracheotomy, ventilator dependent, G-Tube dependent, and 24-hour home care nursing. Shoshana pumped and was able to exclusively breastfeed her son for several months, a dream she held even in the grief of his untimely birth. Today, he is a trach-free, healthy, energetic toddler! Shoshana is a clinical social worker starting a private practice so that she may still attend to Luca’s needs while reclaiming her career life. Shoshana chronicle’s her son’s life, and other personal musings, in a blog called Early Light .

The Sky is the Limit: Breastfeeding a Vent-Dependent NICU baby

While on three-day hospital bed rest with PPROM, I researched what was required to create a breast milk supply under these circumstances: our son was going to be an extremely low birth weight, premature, and sick baby. He would be separated from me at birth, untouchable for days, possibly weeks. I read that pumping within […]

Teams and Machines: 10 Tips for Baby’s Homecoming

Luca was born at 26 weeks, 5 days. We were permitted to see our newborn briefly after his birth, once all life-sustaining equipment had been placed. Our baby was thirteen weeks premature and out of my womb. We weren’t even thinking about his homecoming. His skin, taunt and red, stretched over his body as though […]