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{Professional Insight} Returning to Work After Having a Preemie

A similar version of this post was originally published in March of 2014. I’ve always been career driven, knowing since I was a child that I would someday be a television news anchor. Yet people often told me, “Your priorities will change once you have kids.” I didn’t believe them. I absolutely love my job, […]

You Are Not Alone

It’s a topic people don’t often talk about, infertility. It can be considered a “taboo” subject, yet it’s much more common than you may realize. 3 years ago, I was pregnant with triplets. That’s when I decided to go public with my struggles to get pregnant, and I soon learned that I wasn’t alone.

It’s ironic to look back at my life and see my plans for children. I spend my 20’s worrying about getting pregnant, but when I hit my 30’s, I tried everything to get pregnant, without any luck. I never thought in a million years that I would have trouble conceiving when I was ready. But month after month, that pregnancy test came back negative. And every month, my heart sank a little deeper. [Read more]

A Superhuman Power

Not every preemie needs blood, but for micro preemies, a blood transfusion can save a life. Stacey shares her story about blood transfusions that saved her life and extended that of one of her babies so she could enjoy 55 precious days with him. [Read more]

Life in the NICU: A Stressful Situation

A normal pregnancy, followed by an easy delivery, that’s what every mother hopes for. Those first moments after giving birth should be filled with happy tears, while you cradle your new bundle of joy. But for preemie moms – and even term-NICU moms – that usually isn’t the case. For me, my happy day turned […]

When Your Child Is A Survivor

When a stranger asks me if my daughter is our only child, a thousand thoughts run through my head. While it’s a common question for most people, it’s a loaded question for me. In truth, Peyton is a triplet. Her identical sister died a few hours after birth; her brother passed away nearly two months […]