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Vote For Your Favorite Preemies & NICU Super Heroes

Preemie Power - Vote NowVoting for children participating in Hand to Hold’s Fourth Annual Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest begins today, October 18, at 12 noon Central Time!  You may vote for one child or multiple children once every 24 hours. Voting ends November 1, 2013 at 12 noon Central Time.

The top three who receive the most votes in each age category will be sent to the finalist round where five NICU professionals will be given the difficult task of choosing winners for each of five age categories and the overall winner. Final winners will be announced shortly after World Prematurity Day, November 19, 2013. Learn more about how the contest works.

Be inspired by all of the amazing children, some dressed in their favorite super hero outfits, whose parents share their personal journey in the NICU and long beyond.

Each child is an incredible testament to what miracles truly are. We stand in awe, and in lieu of clapping, we’ll show our support by voting and sharing comments that lift up the brave families like our own who have been transformed by a NICU experience.

Tiny heroes soar

Leaving setbacks behind them

Stronger by the day.


Amy Carr About Amy Carr

Amy Carr (TX) is a parent of a late-term preemie, Ella, born at 35 weeks. After an uneventful pregnancy, Ella's early birth and the complications that followed were a shock. Now in elementary school, her daughter is doing well and Amy enjoys using her writing, marketing and communications acumen on behalf of nonprofits and charitable causes. Formerly a founding staff member at Hand to Hold, you can reach Amy via email.

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