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Bloggers Unite for Preemies!

November 17, 2010, is Prematurity Awareness Day.  The campaign going around is Bloggers Unite!  Everyone is encouraged to blog about preemies or for a baby that you love to help others and to spread the word about preemies.

If you have a blog of your own I encourage you to get involved and fight for preemies.  Take the opportunity to educate family and friends who do not understand the struggles that our tiny babies face.  Tell your family and friends about your own experience as a parent and let them know how they can support you and support the fight for preemies.

The March of Dimes always has ways to get involved and to donate to research and education.  Visit http://www.marchofdimes.com/prematurityawareness.html to get involved with the March of Dimes.

Each one of us has a soft place in our hearts for our tiny preemie babies. If nothing else on Prematurity Awareness Day, hold your little miracle close and cherish their strength and their presence in your life.  If you lost a preemie then take a moment to remember the sweet angel for whom you were able to provide a physical body and a family.  Hopefully each of our experiences has enriched our lives and helped us to become better and more compassionate people.

Afton Mower About Afton Mower

After Mower (UT) lost her firstborn son at 21 weeks.  Her daughter was born a year and a half later at 27 weeks.  The NICU was overwhelming and isolating and it was through those two experiences she was led to found this social hub for parents to find the support they needed. Afton also gave birth to another daughter, born two days overdue after four months of strict bedrest. She believes it is a tender experience to hold a special baby in your arms when his spirit returns to his heavenly home, a miracle to watch tiny babies survive the risks of prematurity and a blessing to hold a healthy full-term baby after months of difficulty and sacrifices.


  1. Great post! On behalf of the March of Dimes, thanks so much for helping to spread the news about the seriousness of premature birth.


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