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Book Giveaway!

The Marketing Manager for The Preemie Primer has generously offered to let me give one free copy of the book to one of my Preemie Babies 101 readers!  Hopefully you all had the chance to read my review of The Preemie Primer earlier this week.  I’m so pleased that I can offer one of these books to you, as I found it to be a remarkable resource for parents of preemie babies, with helpful information to get you through any stage of raising your preemie baby.

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment stating how old your preemie is and what type of advice you could benefit from (how to deal with NICU staff, how to survive the NICU, preparing to bring your baby home, dealing with pediatricians, how to educate family and friends, deciding to get pregnant again, understanding government financial programs, etc.).  I would like an idea of what my readers need!  If you don’t need any advice then leave a piece of advice for a new preemie parent :).

Thanks everyone, and good luck to all of you!

(I will announce the winner this weekend.)

Afton Mower About Afton Mower

After Mower (UT) lost her firstborn son at 21 weeks.  Her daughter was born a year and a half later at 27 weeks.  The NICU was overwhelming and isolating and it was through those two experiences she was led to found this social hub for parents to find the support they needed. Afton also gave birth to another daughter, born two days overdue after four months of strict bedrest. She believes it is a tender experience to hold a special baby in your arms when his spirit returns to his heavenly home, a miracle to watch tiny babies survive the risks of prematurity and a blessing to hold a healthy full-term baby after months of difficulty and sacrifices.


  1. Pamela Harper says:

    My twins are now 4 years old and miracals in every way they were 25 weekers and they have changed my life in so many ways!!!!!

  2. My preemie was born at 23 weeks 3 days, and will be 3 months old (actual) on the 15th. Today is day 84 in the NICU.

    I would like advice on preparing to bring my baby home, as well as things I could do to help his development. How to educate family and friends, deciding to get pregnant again, and understanding government financial programs sound interesting, too!

  3. Christi Brogan says:

    I would love advice on dealing with preemies as they grow. My preemie is now 8 weeks (3 weeks adjusted age) old and has been home for 6 weeks. With RSV season upon us, I’m dreading dealing with outsiders/those who don’t understand as well as looking for advice on what kind of things I can expect that will be different from raising my term baby (who’s now 2).

  4. Denise Stewart says:

    My son is now one year old (barely). He was 7 weeks early. I would benefit from deciding to get pregnant again. It would also help to have something with pictures of a NICU to be able to show my son when he gets older, and to show family and friends. We have a good pediatrician, but help on dealing with them and specific preemie issues would also help. As for understanding government financial programs, I wasn’t aware there are any! Thanks for the opportunity to win. When C was born 9/2009, there weren’t any preemie books readily available in stores, and I was too exhausted to look for and order any online.

  5. Heather Morrissey says:

    My son was born at 25 weeks ..but will be turning 1 next month. he has over come so much and i am so proud of him !! if i had to leave any advice to a new preemie mommy , it would be even though you feel so helpless, your not just being there looking at them, touching and loving them is priceless! it dose more than you think !! preemies need mommys love to get better and grow!. And always feel blessed that you were chosen to be the mommy of such a special little life. they are all little miracles!

  6. My preemie is now 6.5 months old/4 months adjusted. I’m interested in hearing about RSV/synagis shots, and development of preemies as they grow. Also dealing with the winter/cold & flue season.


  7. My baby girl is 3 weeks and 2 days old – she’s my first. I would be interested in understanding if I should use different criteria to find a pediatrician, besides trying to find one with some experience in preemies (how do I find that out?) and more immediately, how to survive the NICU. My daughter will probably there until early December.

  8. My son is now 14months he was born three months prem, and my biggest tip is don’t be afraid to ask questions, the best was to get through NICU is to feel comfortable in what you and your child is going through, and to get as much support from family and friends.

  9. Michelle Yvonne Burns says:

    My daughter is a 25 weeker and she is now 5 months adjusted 9 months chrono. I would like to see more information about helping our babies develop normally and catch up. We are seeing an Occupational Therapist and a Chiropractor. I have also researched Speech Therapy and Music Therapy. I would like to know about other forms of therapy or programs that can help my little girl catch up better and stimulate her mind while her body catches up.

  10. My preemie is 1 year chronological age. She was born at 29 weeks.

    Right now, I would like to read about deciding to get pregnant again and dealing with pediatricians and just in general about preemies growing up 🙂

  11. Hi there. My preemie baby was born at 28 weeks gestation & is now 10weeks old. We had to deal with two totally different hospitals and atmospheres of a NICU. I was transferred to a much larger hospital than our County Hospital to deliver. This hospitals staff had great hospitality and were easy to communicate with. I never really needed to ask any questions because I was always told first hand every detail as to what my son was going through. We then got talked into a transfer to our “much closer to home” County Hospital. Things went down hill from here for some time. I didn’t understand the ways of the new hospitals NICU. It was as if my son was just born all over again. I had to spend time re-learning all this new equipment and the new ways of the staff at this much smaller NICU. Things here weren’t as up to date as the newer hospital we were at. The staff didn’t seem as well educated either on the conditions of my son. When I was told he had a problem their excuse was always it’s normal he’s a preemie; nothing more. No answers given as to why or how certain problems arose and what will happen when they do. I found myself having to spend what seemed to be more time on the internet researching PREEMIES than spending the time with my son that he needed. I wasn’t encouraged to be there for my son as I was at the much larger/modern NICU we were at. When I was there at his bedside all hours of the night I received awkward stares from many of the NICU nurses; as if I was in their way. I felt so helpless and didn’t know where or who to turn to for help. I found that communication with other NICU families helped alot. Some were going through the same things I was. Sometimes even worse things which helped me prepare for things that could happen to my son. Finding a Pediatrician was and still is complicating. I was told to call and find one that specializes in preemies. Well what does that exactly mean? Most specialty doctors for us are 90miles away. So does this mean I drag my premature baby who is hooked up to a monitor that far away for a 10 minute check-up? The things your told to do are so hard to understand sometimes. I feel like in this world of new technology and advances there should be more education about preemie babies. Not just the information that I and other fellow NICU parents put out there; I’m talking more real professional education. I was also told that I would most likely have another premature birth if I were to ever get pregnant again. Is this true? or is this that doctors way of trying to scare me into not bringing more children into the world we live? I feel there needs to be more awareness and ready in hand information put out there regarding premature birth. It’s someting that is sudden. We moms and families of preemies don’t have the oppurtunity to sit and read up on all this information before our child is born. We’re hit right in the face with things most of us have never heard of before when we give birth to premature babies.

  12. I am a mother of two healthy children who were born premature. I got pregnancy induced hypertension with both of my pregnancies. My daughter who is now 8 years old was born 1lb3oz at 26wks GA with difficulty weaning from the ventilator. My son who is now 3 years old was born 2lb10oz at 30wks GA had gastrointestinal problems. Being a NICU parent is difficult but I stayed positive with both experiences no matter how hard it got because I was told the babies could sense any pain or fear I felt and I did not want them to go through that too. Visiting as often as I could and staying updated with their conditions helped me through the experience. I also took special blankets to decorate their incubators and made calendars to post near their incubators that nurses could write on with updates of their weight, etc. I now have thoose in their keepsake boxes along with preemie diapers and plenty of pictures. Now, I am happy to say both children are fine, besides asthma in the cold season. As soon as they get runny noses and coughs their pediatrician recommends giving them albuterol and pulmicort to prevent asthma attacks. I hope some of my experiences will help another parent of a precious preemie!

  13. My preemie is now 13 months old (9 months adjusted). He was a 23 weeker. He was born at 14 oz. and 10 1/2 inches long. My son is a true miracle baby. He is a surviving twin and endured 8 surgeries so far. We spent 170 days in 3 NICU’s.

    I am interested in helping other preemie families in our home NICU. I can give them information all day long, but a book would be a wonderful resource for them. Thanks

  14. Alissa Cape says:

    My preemie was born at exactly 29 weeks gestation. it was a very fast delivery of 6 mins and i was severely scared. and still am. i would like some comfort on how to deal with the enviroment of the NICU and everything that we will be going through for the next few months. She is now only 10 days old and is having many problems with bradicardia, apnea, reflux and others as well. i just would love to have a book that i could use to read and get a bit more familiar with our second home.

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