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Navigating Claims and Insurance Companies

  There’s no doubt that having a baby in the NICU is overwhelming. Adding to the stress can be the mountain of paperwork that starts accruing: insurance claims, explanations of benefits, bills, and more. Preemie mom Kathryn Whitaker shares her best tips for staying organized and keeping your sanity while navigating claims and insurance companies. […]

Meet the Professional: What Does a Child Life Specialist Do?

Babies who have spent time in the NICU have higher rates of rehospitalization than other infants. Even if your child was only discharged from the NICU a few days or weeks before needing to return to the hospital, you will most likely find yourself in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit instead of the familiar NICU. […]

Nourishing Your Premature Baby in the NICU

Advances in perinatal medicine have improved the survival of premature infants born as early as the 23rd week of pregnancy. Preemies weighing less than one pound often survive and even thrive in NICUs across this country. The NICU course can be a long and painful journey for both preemies and their families. One of the […]

Donating Blood to Help Save Lives

Donating blood is something that we hear about often, whether it be on TV, ads, or friends and family. I think donating blood gets overlooked a lot. Until I was in high school, I always seemed to think, “Why should I donate blood? No one I know needs any.” Then I realized it didn’t matter […]

Protecting Your Preemie from RSV

One of the greatest dangers to your preterm baby may be a preventable virus called RSV. RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization in all children fewer than 12 months of age. Premature infants are susceptible and vulnerable to this terrible virus and it is important for parents to take caution. Dr. Sarmistha Hauger, pediatric […]