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World Prematurity Day: Helping Preemie Parents Heal

World Prematurity Day wasn’t a day I ever knew about or had any connection to until I became a preemie parent myself. Having spent 109 days in the NICU watching my son fight for his life, I became aware of the harsh realities of extreme prematurity first hand: the uncertainties and unknowns, the helplessness against […]

{Friday Feature} Finding Connection and Healing Through Women’s Stories

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by other people’s stories. I was a journalism major in college and was known to be more engaged in listening to the conversation at the table next to me at a restaurant than my dinner companions’.  I always joked that I was interested in other’s tales because my […]

Sarah P’s Amazing Birth Story

My name is Sarah and I would like to share my birth story. First off, I am an OB/GYN by trade, my husband is a general surgeon and all the years of medical training could never prepare us for the birth of our precious miracle Maddie. Of course the road began with infertility… After 14 […]

{Friday Feature} Raising a Preemie Is Like Climbing a Mountain

Raising a premature child is very similar to climbing a mountain.  I have done both. In 2009, I experienced several challenges during what should have been a low-risk pregnancy.  I developed an enchondroma bone tumor on my right pinky causing it to fracture.  One hypothesis is the trauma of the fracture caused me to lose […]

{Friday Feature} Meet Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez & Alejandro

Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez is a NICU mom who has found her life’s passion in helping and coaching others after loss and the premature birth of her son who has special needs. She currently owns a coaching and consulting business, Families Blossoming LLC, to assist other NICU families and those with children with special needs. Gigi began […]