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Howdy and Welcome to PreemieBabies101!

Hand to Hold is grateful for the dedication and passion in which Afton Mower founded PreemieBabies101.com.  Recently, Afton generously gifted this blog to Hand to Hold and we look forward to hearing your stories, sharing advice and tips and carrying the torch of prematurity awareness with each of you.  Hand to Hold was founded by a fellow […]

Parents of Preemies Day

Are you doing anything special to celebrate the first ever Parents of Preemies Day? We did.  🙂 This morning, our two families met up at Rush-Copley to assemble gift bags for current NICU families.  Then, Kelly and I were able to go into the NICU to deliver them.  The dads plus Teagan and Connor were […]

Local Event!

We are so excited to announce  our first local event! (click on the image to see it larger) We’re looking forward to meeting/seeing all of youand indulging in some delicious cupcakes!  Please RSVP by April 6th  on the Facebook Event Page  or via e-mail. (Directions to Cupcakes 2 Remember and map here.) View Cupcakes 2 Remember in […]

Farewell & Upcoming Changes

Dear Readers, I started this blog a number of years ago with the hope that I could help some other preemie parents by sharing my personal experiences. It was therapeutic for me to write about my experiences having preemie babies, and I have appreciated the many parents who have shared their stories and supported my […]

Discussion: How to deal with insensitivity

If I had a dime for every insensitive comment we received since embarking on our NICU journey, I’d be rich!  You definitely will grow a thicker skin over time, but that doesn’t mean that the comments will ever hurt any less.  I’ve found that very few of our friends and family truly “get” our situation and all […]