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3 Ways your End-of-Year Gift will Help NICU Families

There are only a few days left in the year, which means only a few days left to make your 2017 tax-deductible gift to Hand to Hold! To kick off our end-of-year campaign, we’re bringing you three ways your gift will be put to use supporting families in the NICU and long after they leave the hospital.

3 ways your end of year gift will impact NICU families

mom and NICU baby, end of year campaign, giftVital support in the hospital and at home

Hand to Hold matches NICU families with seasoned, volunteer peer mentors nationwide. A gift of just $50 will train one NICU parent to help many others in our peer matching program and will ensure parents have a hand to hold during the NICU and after discharge.


NICU sibling support, end of year campaign, giftSibling support resources

Your gift will also help prepare siblings for their important role as a big brother or sister. A gift of $100 will put specially-designed Sibling Activity coloring books and a video tour of the NICU into the hands of 25 children, to help them cope with their sibling’s NICU stay.


NICU heroes end of year campaign, giftProduce and launch the NICU Heroes podcast series

Finally, one great way your year-end gift will be put to use is to help launch our latest podcast series, NICU Heroes. NICU Heroes is an educational series geared strictly towards NICU professionals that will provide ideas and resources to help them better understand, nurture and support the entire NICU family. Your gift of $500 will help produce and launch this series in the coming months.


Make your tax deductible year-end gift today at crowdrise.com/NICUfamily. Hand to Hold makes the most of each donation, improving the wellness and outcomes for the whole family through a variety of support programs and resources. Please give by midnight on Dec. 31st to ensure all NICU families have a Hand to Hold in the New Year!

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