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{FB Chat} Coping While Under Quarantine

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Discover new ways to celebrate the holidays and enjoy meaningful family time even when you hear the dreaded word “quarantine.” Emma Trenti Paroli, NICU mom of a 29-weeker and co-author of Preemies: the Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies and IOS app MyPreemie joins us.

Jennifer Beatty About Jennifer Beatty

Jennifer Beatty (TX) is the mother of two active boys born early and a social worker employed by Hand to Hold. With her first son, she delivered at 36 weeks and experienced a brief overnight stay in the NICU for blood sugar issues. After fertility issues with her second pregnancy, Jennifer was devastated to have an emergency delivery at 30 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. Though her younger son only weighed 2 pounds 9 ounces at birth, he came home after 45 days in the NICU at just over 5 pounds and is a strong and healthy preschooler.

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