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{Giveaway} Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

Renee Trudeau, author of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family (Giveaway)It’s our first giveaway of the new year, and we’re excited to partner with Renee Trudeau of Renee Trudeau & Associates to bring you a book about finding peace in everyday life. As parents of preemies, this topic couldn’t be more appropriate!

It also corresponds perfectly with our next FB chat (coming up on Monday, January 27th at 11:30am CT!), where one of Renee’s staff, Sarina LaMarche, will be talking about making self-care stick.

You won’t want to miss either of these opportunities, so be sure to enter to win a copy of Renee’s book: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life and join us on Monday!

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family by Renee Trudeau (Giveaway)More about Renee’s book:

What would it feel like to experience more ease, harmony, and flow in the midst of navigating homework squabbles, mealtimes, commutes, and other challenges of everyday life? Nurturing the Soul of Your Family is a guidebook for personal and spriritual renewal from the award-winning author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal.  It offers nurturing support and practical ideas to guide you toward a new way of being.


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Angela “Angie” Bickford (TX) is the mother of triplets born just shy of 28 weeks and weighing only 2lbs. 5oz. each. Sadly, baby A only lived for 49 days, but she and her husband make it their mission to celebrate his short life by helping others who have lost children. She spent 111 days total in the NICU, and between her three children, has experienced NEC, brain bleeds and hydrocephalus, reflux/GERD, sensory issues, daily therapies, and several trips back to the hospital. She is a speaker, published author, and blogger. On her personal blog, she talks about loss, faith and her obsession with cupcakes. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest or via email.

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