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{Giveaway} We *Heart* Nurses Cupcake Toppers by The TomKat Studio

nurses day toppersDuring the month of September, you’re going to see a lot of love for our amazing NICU nurses. September 15 is National NICU Nurse Day!

To celebrate our nurses and the tremendous impact they made on our babies, The TomKat Studio is generously providing their nurse cupcake toppers to every reader for FREE!

To get your free printable

Email Toni at The TomKat Studio with “PreemieBabies101 Giveaway” in the subject line. Coincidentally, Toni is the momma of twins, born at 32 weeks. “They are now 15 and perfectly healthy and happy teenagers!” she says.

How can you use them?

  1. Glue to a stick and use as cupcake toppers
  2. Cut them out and glue on plain cardstock for a handwritten thank you note
  3. Bake a batch of cookies or muffins and affix one to the outside of the box
  4. Take a photo of your child holding the printable and send or deliver to the NICU
  5. Put several on a large posterboard and have your child decorate the poster

No matter what way you present the printable to your NICU nurse, we hope she or he feels the love! And, big thanks to The TomKat Studio for creating such an adorable and heartfelt printable.

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Kathryn Whitaker (TX) is the mother of six (including two 36-week preemies).  Her fifth child was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), born at 3lbs. 9oz. and then developed a severe surgical case of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).  He has various medical needs as a direct, and indirect, result.  On her personal blog, Team Whitaker, she writes about what she knows: big families, carpool, kids activities, faith, her beloved Aggies, specialist appointments and sanity checks with her husband.  You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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