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Why Giving is Genius

A Mother's Day event in the NICU held earlier this year.

A Mother’s Day event in the NICU held earlier this year

It’s that time of year – from public radio to your place of worship to non-profit organizations across the country, all have begun or are gearing up for the giving season. From telethons to texting campaigns, special events and direct mail, we are all are hoping you will choose our mission to support. It is a hard choice. There are so many deserving charities who make an incredible difference in the lives of children, veterans, those with cancer or special needs. From clean drinking water in Africa, to after school education and enrichment programs in low income areas, the need is great and funding is limited.

I was recently given the book The Genius of Generosity by Chip Ingram. Ingram explains that he paired the words genius and generosity together to emphasize that a life overflowing with care and concern for others is a brilliant way to live. He teaches that both practically and spiritually giving generously is one of the smartest, most intellectually sound and emotionally satisfying decisions we can make. Basically, it feels good to give!

And I would add that it is not just giving of financial resources, but of time and talents that give one a sense of meaning and fulfillment. From delivering meals to the elderly to providing peer support to a new NICU family, there are countless ways you can make an impact in the lives of those in our community.

If your life or that of a close friend or relative has been impacted by a NICU stay or loss, we hope you will consider supporting the mission of Hand to Hold this giving season either through a monetary gift or volunteer hours. To find out how a gift of just $25 dollars can provide critical support to a NICU family, visit our wish list.

Hand to Hold staff and volunteers at the Austin Marathon Waterstop

Hand to Hold staff and volunteers at the Austin Marathon Waterstop

If you are an athlete (or aspire to be one), we invite you to run on our behalf in the upcoming Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and Paramount 5K; or if like me, you failed gym class and only run when chased, we invite you to join us at our Water Stop to help keep the runners hydrated and to provide a little support and encouragement along the way.

To find out about the many volunteer opportunities at Hand to Hold please visit our website or send our volunteer team a message.

With your help, we can ensure all NICU families have a Hand to Hold during and after a NICU stay or loss of a baby! Remember, generosity is genius because it changes our lives and that of others.

Kelli Kelley About Kelli Kelley

Founder, Hand to Hold - Kelli D. Kelley (TX) is the mother of two preemies – Jackson born at 24 weeks in 2000 and Lauren born at 34 weeks in 2003. She is the founder of Hand to Hold, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated providing support and navigation resources to families who had a preemie, who had a child in the NICU or with a special healthcare need, or who experienced loss. She has experienced the emotional fallout and isolation that having preemies often causes. As a direct result, Kelli has dedicated her life to offering hope and sanctuary to all parents who have had similar journeys. Contact her via email.


  1. Beautiful! So well said. It really does feel fantastic to give, to help others. It gives life more meaning, and helps remind us all that there truly is a way to make a difference in life, that we can be a part of making the world a better place, one small gesture at a time.

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