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Help Parents Eat Well

The basic needs are where you, as family and friends, can actually provide the MOST help for the parent of a preemie in the NICU.  In review, the basic needs I described in a previous post were food, shelter, and sleep.

When I was in the NICU with my daughter, meals were the hardest thing to come by.  Because I was pumping so much I was almost constantly hungry and thirsty.  I had so many things to carry to the hospital with me each day it was not easy to pack a lunch, too (and there was very limited space in the parent lounge refrigerator), so I often bought lunch in the cafeteria.  However, the cafeteria was fairly expensive and let’s just say that having a baby in an intensive care unit for weeks or months is not cheap.  Half of the time I was provided with breakfast and dinner where I was staying (for which I was truly grateful), but half of the time I was not.  I had no personal vehicle to get me to a grocery store so shopping was not an easy solution.  Sooooo, I often was hungry or spending too much money and one of the most thoughtful and helpful things anyone could do for me was bring me food or take me out to eat.  It relieved a lot of stress to know where I was going to get my next meal and that I didn’t have to go into debt for it.  Seriously, folks, food is necessary for health and survival, and because it is to tangible and simple it is one of the easiest ways you can provide support for your friend or loved one in need.  Take my word for it.

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