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Holly’s Birth Story

I awoke in the morning at 25 weeks 3 days to a gush of fluid and immediately went to Labor & Delivery. I was classified as high risk due to a short cervix at 21 weeks, and by this time I was already fully effaced and dilated to 1 on bed rest at home. Upon arrival at L&D it was confirmed I was leaking amniotic fluid and I was transferred an hour from home to a hospital with a NICU. The goal of my specialist was to keep Amelia put until 32 weeks, and then induce, I would stay in the hospital until her birth. I was given antibiotics and strict bed rest. 13 days later after taking a nap I had some lower back pain but they didn’t want to check me due to the risk of infection so they did a non-stress test (NST) and an ultrasound. Within minutes of the ultrasound, I was being wheeled to L&D from the high risk floor because I was dilated to 10. I wasn’t having any contractions registering on the monitors and the back pain subsided. I called my husband and told him to head to the hospital… hopefully he’d make it in time. I pushed without contractions for 35 minutes and Amelia was born (daddy missed it by just 3 minutes) at 27 weeks 2 days. Our little fighter was screaming her little head off at birth and only needed cpap for 17 days. After 72 NICU days she came home and is healthy.

Aimee Sprik About Aimee Sprik

Aimee Sprik (IL) is mother to Connor, born unexpectedly early at 26 weeks, in December 2008, due to an infection. Connor, with his parents, survived a complicated 120-day NICU stay, which changed their lives forever. Since bringing her son finally home, she's felt passionately about volunteering her time and resources to supporting fellow NICU parents, both at the hospital where Connor was born, and by co-founding Life after NICU, an online parent support forum now moderated by Hand to Hold. You can follow Aimee on her personal blog, Sprik Space, or send her an email.

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