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Howdy and Welcome to PreemieBabies101!

Hand to Hold is grateful for the dedication and passion in which Afton Mower founded PreemieBabies101.com.  Recently, Afton generously gifted this blog to Hand to Hold and we look forward to hearing your stories, sharing advice and tips and carrying the torch of prematurity awareness with each of you.  Hand to Hold was founded by a fellow preemie mom of two, Kelli Kelley.  Her children, Jackson (born at 24 weeks) and Lauren (born at 34 weeks) fuel her passion for awareness about prematurity, special needs and child loss.  This blog will be an outreach of that organization and we will continue to enrich the site that Afton created.

As the Lead PreemieBabies101 Blogger, I look forward to leading this effort and hearing from you.  My name is Kathryn Whitaker and I’m the mother of five, ages 11-2, two of which were born premature.  You’ll be hearing more from me, and many other parents, soon.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to see some exciting changes and announcements:

1.  Featured Bloggers.  We are in need of parents interested in becoming a featured blogger.  If you’re interested in serving in this capacity, click HERE for more information.

2.  Book / Product Reviews and Giveaways.  There will be book and product reviews, and perhaps a giveaway or two!

3.  Parent Stories.  You’ll hear from other parents, walking the same prematurity path you may be on, and how they survived and ultimately thrived.

4.  Professional Insight.  From time to time, we’ll feature professionals in the field – grief counselors, neonatologists, developmental therapists and nurses – and how their ideas may help you.

Those are just a few of the things we have in store.  I hope you’re excited.  While none of us chose prematurity, we do choose how we live with it.  I hope you sign on, meet a virtual friend or two and rest in knowing you’ve come to the right place for support and advice.

Kathryn Whitaker About Kathryn Whitaker

Kathryn Whitaker (TX) is the mother of six (including two 36-week preemies).  Her fifth child was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), born at 3lbs. 9oz. and then developed a severe surgical case of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).  He has various medical needs as a direct, and indirect, result.  On her personal blog, Team Whitaker, she writes about what she knows: big families, carpool, kids activities, faith, her beloved Aggies, specialist appointments and sanity checks with her husband.  You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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