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Hypospadias – Back to the hospital

This week we headed back to the hospital to have a follow up surgery for Drake. We have known since he was born that he would need a Hypospadias repair, but it wasn’t going to be scheduled until he was at least 8 or 9 months old and that seemed so far away. Well time snuck up on us. For those who don’t know what Hypospadias is, I will be brief in saying it’s to fix his urethra which did not form properly and needed to be extended. This did not happen because he was preemie but happened because the same thing that caused him to be preemie caused the Hypospadias. Surprisingly this more common then one might imagine. 1 in 500 boys! Drake’s case was a bit more severe but as the doctor told me they have seen much worse.

As the date approached I started getting nervous, having visions of him under anesthesia with tubes and monitors. I didn’t want to see him in the hospital again on monitors but it had to be done. I was a bit relieved in knowing that it was outpatient and he wouldn’t be there more then a few hours. How bad could it be if it was outpatient? As we arrived at the hospital and they began the check in process my nerves, although contained, were flying. They informed us the surgery would be about 3 hours. We got Drake dressed in his little hospital gown and waited for the Doctors to be ready for him. For us parents who have had our babies in the hospital for weeks and having to return you know how that wait was for us. The smell, the sounds, the monitors, they all take you back.

The nurse came to get Drake and we kissed him before he left. We stood in the hall and watched him go until we couldn’t see him anymore. Leaving him was harder then I thought but I got through it.

As we waited in the waiting room we were given a sheet to go over his care after surgery. Reading the instructions left us feeling sick. It talked about severe pain for 4-5 days, swelling, bruising, bleeding and more pain! We knew it was all for the best, do it now while he is too little to remember, he needs this.

The wait was long. As 3 hours turned into 3 ½, I got antsy. A nurse came out just then to tell us all was going well but it was a little tougher then they thought and would take more time then planned. Another hour, she guessed.

Almost 2 hours later, a nurse came to tell us they just had to close now. I was about jumping out of my seat not being able to just sit anymore. I wanted to be in there. Trying to stay relaxed another 45 minutes passed.

Finally they called us in. He was just coming out of the anesthesia and they put me in a chair and handed him right too me. He was crying and confused but calmed quickly once in my arms. He is such a champ, he started trying to sit up right away. We got him a bottle of water and he drank the whole thing down. He even started smiling and laughing. Relief! As they showed us the surgery site I was a little shocked, it looked horrible to me, and I wasn’t expecting it to look that bad.

We took Drake home, got our pain medicine and antibiotics and were prepared for some hard days ahead filled with crying and pain. Drake is a champion, he did awesome!! Aside from lots of extra naps and a few painful crying episodes here and there you wouldn’t have known he just had surgery. He was playing, crawling, climbing and just being himself. He took it all so great and handled it better then any of us adults could have.

Drake is doing great and the surgery site looks great now.  We just need to follow up next week to be sure all has healed nicely and have a tube removed and hopefully not be back for a long time to come.

Maybe it’s because of all he faced before that this was no big deal to him or because he is just a fighter naturally? I don’t know if it’s a preemie thing but this little guy amazes me more and more every day!!


  1. I believe that preemies are a little stronger than full term babies just in that they have to endure so much more in their beginning.

    Personal opinion and I have no full-term babies to really base my belief on.

  2. I love the preemie spirit-they can get through anything. I wish you and your boy all the strength in the world. My preemie amazes me each day too:)

  3. I regret to add that since writing this we have learned that the surgery didn’t work and will need to be repeated in about 6 months.

  4. [my preemie had surgery] when he was 7 months old and he did fine and didnt need the 2nd one

  5. My son is going in for his initial visit with the urologist / surgeon next month. I’m really nervous for the little guy to go under the knife again (already had 2 hernia surgeries)…

  6. My son had this and is going for his second surgery this week. He is now 18 months old. What was your experience the second time?

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