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Kelly’s Birth Story – Part 1

The last week of November 2009, Tom and I headed to a doctor’s appointment for some lab/test results. We had been trying for a year to get pregnant since my miscarriage. While sitting with this amazing doctor and she is giving us her recommendations as our plan for the new year ahead, then she asked THE one question…

“When was your last cycle?” As I sat there thinking back, I looked at Tom and he was smiling….
“Well, about 2 months ago”….

The doctor started to smile and said “take a test at home or come back in 3 days for us to draw blood. I think you might be one of the ones that gets lucky before the plan starts.” As we walked out of the office, both of us just laughed. I had no symptoms like I had the first time around. The next night as Tom was sleeping, I took a test, because I cannot wait for anything.

As I sat there looking at the pink plus sign, I was laughing and sobbing. I flung open the door and yelled to Tom, who had to work in a few hours. He thought someone had died, I was crying too hard. We both sat on the bed and laughed. We had had 2 rough years in our marriage, that somehow we pulled through. We knew this was the start of something great for us and our families.

The next 23 weeks, were typical I would say. I was throwing up everyday until I delivered. I guess now that may have been a sign. At about 23 weeks, I started with an annoying cough. Being that it was allergy season, I was not phased at all. Then the Monday after Mothers Day, Tom asked me to please go to the doctor just to be sure nothing else was up, and maybe get something to stop coughing.

Usually I would of said “No” that is a waste of my time, but since I was pregnant and he asked, I called a local primary care physician’s office and saw their new doctor that afternoon. So off I go, laughing with his nurse and chatting. She proceeds to take my blood pressure and it was 155/102. As I stared at her in shock, I said “I am 27 weeks pregnant!” AS IF SHE DID NOT KNOW. Her nice voice said, “Yes I know, please get on your left side so I can go get the doctor.” As she left the room, at first I was like, how stupid to say that to her, of course she knows your pregnant. Then since I was in scrubs because I worked in orthopaedics, I felt like a bigger fool, because I should know not to say crazy things. 😉 Funny the way things go through your mind.

June 6 – 31 weeks
Little did I know, Teagan would arrive 3 days later!

As Dr. P. came in, he said “Your a new patient who came in with a cough?” trying to ease me into the next conversation ahead. Lucky for me, this practiced was under the same medical group as my OB so he had all my chart in the laptop to look at. After and exam and laying down for almost 45 minute with no change, he decided I was ok to leave the office, but head to L&D. My OB had a satellite office in the building so I stopped there to tell them and off to L&D, I went. I ran home to wake Tom because he was on nights and sleeping, so that was a treat for him. That was the first day of a 3-day admit, that turned into bedrest and many more appointments, admits and then June 9th arrived.

Kelly’s birth story – to be continued…

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