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Kelly’s Birth Story – Part 2

(You can read the first part of Kelly’s Birth Story here.)

June 7th up to the run to the NICU…

I was admitted for the last time on June 7th, 2010.  I went to labor & delivery for observation due to my blood pressure being around 172/110.  The OB on call for the day, was so funny, laughing with me and said go get a new blood pressure machine, since you have an old one.  My pressures in L&D were running about 147/80.  She planned on letting me go home, UNTIL…  she came back and said your liver is acting up.  You are getting admitted.  UGH!!!

Later that night, the new OB on call came in and said, “We will be keeping you until you deliver.  Your labs are not great.  Specialist will be in to see you tomorrow.”  I was like I am staying until JULY?? WTHeck.  She just smiled and left after the exam & questions.  Little did I know what the next 48 hours would be.   I asked to shower, and my OB said “Quickly, I will come and drag you out if its too long.”  Well my mother was there too, so no worries & really relaxing shower on L&D, NOPE!!!

As Tuesday progressed, I was seen by my specialist again and more blood work.  I laid around bored and uncomfortable.  The baby had no desire to stay on the monitor, so the nurse’s made their pay for sure with that task.  She was kicking and swimming, it was a game of cat and mouse for them.  Also NOTE: I am a HUGE Chicago Blackhawks fan, and they were in the Cup games, I had to restrain from watching games due to BP issues.

Wednesday morning rolls around.  I have been asking for water since like 6am, and no one would bring it back to me.  I guess that was a sign. The specialist came in again, and when checking, he asked what position was the baby in last ultrasound.  “Breech” I said.  His response, “Of course she is.”  Another sign maybe of what was ahead?

Finally my husband came in from his night shift.  I was just getting ready to eat breakfast and we were paying bills online, when much to our surprise… In comes my doctor and specialist with the news.  “We are delivering you in an hour.”  They were clearing an OR for my delivery as they spoke.

As we sat there in shock, we remembered none of our family was there.  Now they were ALWAYS around, and could we get a hold of any of them.  NO!  Finally reaching my dad and brother in-law, everyone was on the way. 

The next hour flew by with fear, sadness, and a cath that was done without my epidural because they started my mag bag, before the C-section.  UGH!!!  As I was being taken to the OR, I remember Tom leaning in and saying “don’t worry I have this!”  I knew I could count on him, but I never thought he’d be in the NICU without me for 30 hours to follow her delivery.   My c-section went find, in fact they were ready to deliver her and I did not notice they had started.  I was sick from the spinal and all I can remember is them saying “dad do you have the camera?, she’s here.”   And then the SCREAMING AND CRYING BEGAN…..”thank you, God”   I got a quick look and off with the NICU team and daddy she went. 

The rest of June 9th to be continued…..  here.


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