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Melissa’s Story: Part 3

This is the third of five posts dedicated to sharing one young mother’s experience with severe preeclampsia and an ultimate delivery of a 27-weeker to save her own life.  This is Melissa’s story.

The next few days were a rollercoaster. They were trying to keep me pregnant as long as possible so I was not allowed out of bed at all. This caused a lot of the swelling fluid in me to go to my lower back and thighs which caused terrible pain. I thought my skin might burst! I couldn’t roll over because of all the monitors and IVs that I was hooked to, so I just had to endure. I had these funny machines on my legs that would squeeze really hard and then let go so that I wouldn’t get blood clots from bed rest. Every few hours the nurses would poke me to take blood for more lab test because my liver and kidneys were failing. They would have to poke me several times to get enough blood because of my constricted veins and all the scar tissue from being poked so much. They started in my arms and wrists and hands but eventually had to start taking blood from the tops of my feet because they just couldn’t get enough from my arms. They mentioned they might have to start taking blood from my neck soon, luckily it never had to get to that point. I was on magnesium through my IV (a muscle relaxer) to help me not have seziers. This was the weirdest stuff. It made it so I couldn’t breathe very well so I had to receive respiratory treatments. It also made me terribly nauseated and delusional.

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Have you had any experiences similar to Melissa’s?  Please share in the comments, for Melissa’s benefit and for all of ours.  Thank you!

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After Mower (UT) lost her firstborn son at 21 weeks.  Her daughter was born a year and a half later at 27 weeks.  The NICU was overwhelming and isolating and it was through those two experiences she was led to found this social hub for parents to find the support they needed. Afton also gave birth to another daughter, born two days overdue after four months of strict bedrest. She believes it is a tender experience to hold a special baby in your arms when his spirit returns to his heavenly home, a miracle to watch tiny babies survive the risks of prematurity and a blessing to hold a healthy full-term baby after months of difficulty and sacrifices.

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