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Next FB Chat: What to Expect if Your Baby Needs Therapy after the NICU

ECI babyJoin us for our next Facebook Chat with Stacy Ramirez, the Child Find and Outreach Specialist for Any Baby Can’s Early Childhood Intervention Program, also known as ECI in Texas. While each state has various programs and many go by different names, Stacy will share basic information so that even attendees outside of Texas will benefit from the chat.

This month, we’ve decided to move to an evening chat time. You can attend the chat on the Hand to Hold Facebook Wall on Tuesday, April 22nd, at 8:30 p.m. CT. With the success of our pilot evening chat, we hope to see many attendees!

Stacy will touch on what an early childhood intervention program does and how it relates to preemies and those who have had NICU stays. She will focus on how a child qualifies for the program, what the program consists of, options aside from the ECI program, how a parent can be an advocate for their child and work with their ECI therapists, what comes after ECI, and more.

Send your questions for Stacy via message to our Facebook page, and we’ll try to cover it during our chat!

About Stacy:

Stacy Ramirez headshotStacy Ramirez is the Child Find and Outreach Specialist for the Any Baby Can Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program. Stacy has five years of experience in the field of early childhood, beginning her ECI career as a Case Manager at Easter Seals Central Texas. Her educational background includes a Bachelors of Science from Texas State University with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Family and Child Development. Stacy is also a certified teacher with training in Special Education. She is passionate about child development and loves that ‘baby smell.’ Stacy was raised in San Antonio (Go SPURS go!) and moved to Austin in 2006 to live the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ lifestyle in East Austin with her husband, dogs, cat, and six chickens.

This chat is sponsored by:
St. David’s HealthCare – Providing exceptional care for the women of Central Texas. 

Angie Bickford About Angie Bickford

Angela “Angie” Bickford (TX) is the mother of triplets born just shy of 28 weeks and weighing only 2lbs. 5oz. each. Sadly, baby A only lived for 49 days, but she and her husband make it their mission to celebrate his short life by helping others who have lost children. She spent 111 days total in the NICU, and between her three children, has experienced NEC, brain bleeds and hydrocephalus, reflux/GERD, sensory issues, daily therapies, and several trips back to the hospital. She is a speaker, published author, and blogger. On her personal blog, she talks about loss, faith and her obsession with cupcakes. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest or via email.

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