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NICU Professionals Say the Kindest Things

As parent who has experienced the wild emotional roller coaster that is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a kind word or gesture especially from a medical professional caring for our child imbues more meaning and is long remembered. These are words we need to hear to help us heal.

Amy Carr About Amy Carr

Amy Carr (TX) is a parent of a late-term preemie, Ella, born at 35 weeks. After an uneventful pregnancy, Ella's early birth and the complications that followed were a shock. Now in elementary school, her daughter is doing well and Amy enjoys using her writing, marketing and communications acumen on behalf of nonprofits and charitable causes. Formerly a founding staff member at Hand to Hold, you can reach Amy via email.


  1. Tiffany Collier says:

    One of the doctors told us: “It may seem impossible now, but in 6 months your son will be crawling around the Christmas tree and keeping us awake at night!” It really helped to ease our minds.

  2. the day we had to take my 24 week preemie off life support,the nurses were wonderful. they attended his baptisim,cried with us. they allowed me to take him outside,they made sure we had a private room to spend time with him,bathe him,dress him. my favorite nicu nurse(who was my daughters nurse 3 years before) took a loveley picture of him 2 days before he passed,had it beautifully matted and framed. before we left the hospital,they gave me a whole album worth of pictures of him,as well as a cd full.

  3. My sons NICU nurses brought me out of my scared shell to change his diaper with all the cords, hook ups to the monitors, and his external VP shunt and since that change I always changed his diaper, took his temps, gave him a bath with the bath wipes and felt closer to my son though all I could do was touch him. I couldn’t hold him for 11 days and once he came off the vent and the shunt was pulled, they let me hold him for hours and hours and hours. Even skipped “care” when they saw me just gazing at my son. One nurse, barb commented on how she has never in her 15 years of being a NICU nurse ever saw a mother do every care possible, pumped so routinely, and sat at a child’s bedside for 20 hours a day, every day until he came home. The 4 hours I went to the Ronald McDonald house, I felt guilty! Sad and terrible for leaving. Felt selfish! I pumped twice in those 4 hours and brought 6-8 ounces of breast milk and was praised for a job well done. I always felt like I was actually being a mom even when I felt like I wasn’t. My supply would go down and they always kept saying how amazing I’m doing and since my son only kept breast milk down, I felt more at ease that I was doing something right. And they always tried to take care of me because I forgot about myself. Told me to go get some food, here’s a free voucher. Take a walk outside its beautiful out! A little chilly but the sun is shinning and the air feels great! The small things helped in ways I can never express or thank the NICU nurses and doctors who saved my son!

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