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{Book Review} Multiples Illuminated

multiples illuminated book review

If there had been a book like Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories & Advice from Parents of Twins, Triplets & More when I was pregnant with twins, in the NICU, or at home caring for two infants, I would have eaten that up like a … [Continue reading]

Why Do We Track Developmental Milestones?


We measure early childhood in milestones – the first smile, first step, that very first word. Parents are encouraged to track what their baby can do, but sometimes this can cause anxiety and frustration when you feel your child is not making strides … [Continue reading]

Caring for Your Mental Health During a High-Risk Pregnancy and on Bed Rest

bed rest

by Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW In our society, being pregnant is seen as a joyous event, something to celebrate, not something to endure. However, once a woman learns that her health and/or her baby's health is in danger and she is placed on bed rest, … [Continue reading]

Red Flags Aren’t Always Red

occupational therapy

As difficult as it is to hear that your child has some sort of developmental delays, it’s also a relief to get some answers. I'm not crazy after all! But then again, shouldn't I have noticed these red flags sooner? The problem is, the red flags … [Continue reading]

Your First Experience with Pediatric Therapy: What Can I Expect?

pediatric therapy

Your baby is home from the hospital, everyday life is returning to a new "normal," and you're seeing positive changes in your child each day. However, you may still have concerns about their growth and development as a NICU baby. Every child's … [Continue reading]