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Parents of Preemies Day

Are you doing anything special to celebrate the first ever Parents of Preemies Day?

We did.  🙂

This morning, our two families met up at Rush-Copley to assemble gift bags for current NICU families.  Then, Kelly and I were able to go into the NICU to deliver them.  The dads plus Teagan and Connor were able to catch up with their former doctors and nurses while we were inside.  We spoke with 2 moms who were both discharging today (YAY for them!) and left the rest of the bags at bed sides.

Not gonna lie… it wasn’t easy going to the hospital today, for any of us.  Lots of emotions.  I was in tears by the time we stepped back into the hallway.  This was only my 2nd time back in the NICU since we discharged, and every time it gets a little easier.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about all we went through during those 4 months in the NICU, and how alone and isolated we felt.  While the staff took amazing care of our son, and saved his life (and future quality of life) many times over, there wasn’t any support for parents offered at the hospital at the time.  I truly believe that having parental support during our NICU stay would have made a huge, positive difference in our experience, which is why I am 100% committed to this cause.  No parent should feel alone in their journey… both in the NICU and after the NICU.

We’re still working hard to build up our site and to formulate our plans and efforts.  We appreciate every single one of our current 684 (wowzers!) followers on Facebook, and we encourage you to continue posting your comments, stories, and questions there.  As a community, we can help each other get through the hard times and cheer each other on through the happy times.  Thank you for being our preemie friends!

A HUGE thank you to Graham’s Foundation for honoring us as preemie parents today!

Aimee Sprik About Aimee Sprik

Aimee Sprik (IL) is mother to Connor, born unexpectedly early at 26 weeks, in December 2008, due to an infection. Connor, with his parents, survived a complicated 120-day NICU stay, which changed their lives forever. Since bringing her son finally home, she's felt passionately about volunteering her time and resources to supporting fellow NICU parents, both at the hospital where Connor was born, and by co-founding Life after NICU, an online parent support forum now moderated by Hand to Hold. You can follow Aimee on her personal blog, Sprik Space, or send her an email.

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