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Practical Advice for Current NICU Families & Parents of Preemies Day

In February, we asked our followers:

“What advice would you give to a parent/family currently in the NICU? What words of hope and encouragement would you share? What is something you wish someone had told you during your NICU stay?”

Here’s what they said…
(click on the image to see it larger)

We took these words of advice and included them as a handout for the NICU care packages we’ll be delivering to our local NICU on Parents of Preemies Day, March 10th.  In the coming weeks, we’ll release these handouts here on Life after NICU for you to use personally, or in care packages you might take to NICUs yourself.

Aimee Sprik About Aimee Sprik

Aimee Sprik (IL) is mother to Connor, born unexpectedly early at 26 weeks, in December 2008, due to an infection. Connor, with his parents, survived a complicated 120-day NICU stay, which changed their lives forever. Since bringing her son finally home, she's felt passionately about volunteering her time and resources to supporting fellow NICU parents, both at the hospital where Connor was born, and by co-founding Life after NICU, an online parent support forum now moderated by Hand to Hold. You can follow Aimee on her personal blog, Sprik Space, or send her an email.


  1. Hi, I saw this post through pinterest and was interested in finding out if you get donations or how you get the journals for all the families in the NICU. We have an organization that is just starting up and we are trying to do this for our hospitals that have made an impact in our life and we are not sure how to begin getting these items. Please let me know this is a great thing that needs to be done. As a mother of a 27 week micro preemie I would’ve been very grateful to have this type of thing given to me, seeing that our delivery was very unexpected at the time. Thank you in advance.


  1. […] We delivered care packages to NICU families at our local hospital this past Parents of Preemies Day.  In their bags, we included a simple notebook with a pen, and this idea list taped to the front of it, to encourage them to begin their own NICU Notebook.  We sure hope they found it useful! […]

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