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{Printable} NICU Nurse Appreciation

NICU Nurse PrintableNeonatal nurses have a special place in our hearts. They are the ones who showed us how to care for our babies in the NICU. They are the ones who saw how fragile we were looking and told us we were doing a great job when we were having a dark day. They helped us learn to feed out baby for the first time, how to pump and transport our milk, and how to hold our child kangaroo style before we thought such a thing was possible. They even took our first family picture that we cherish to this day.

For all these reasons and many more, we recognize neonatal nurses each year on September 15th for National Neonatal Nurse Appreciation Day  for the compassionate care they gave our children in the neonatal intensive care unit. Though words can never express our gratitude enough, we’ve prepared a free printable for you to record a personal thank you note. Simply download, print, fold, add your message and/or a photo of your little one and deliver to your favorite nurse(s).

Because there isn’t really a Hallmark card for this occasion, please enjoy and share this free printable with fellow NICU families. Let’s make sure every NICU nurse receives the recognition that he or she deserves this year!

Thank you for helping me soar - Free Printable

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Amy Carr (TX) is a parent of a late-term preemie, Ella, born at 35 weeks. After an uneventful pregnancy, Ella's early birth and the complications that followed were a shock. Now in elementary school, her daughter is doing well and Amy enjoys using her writing, marketing and communications acumen on behalf of nonprofits and charitable causes. Formerly a founding staff member at Hand to Hold, you can reach Amy via email.


  1. Keitha Mountcastle says:

    Hi Amy – I have been a Neonatal Nurse for 30 years – it was my first job out of Nursing school. I have cared for a lot of babies, and had a lot of personal thank yous – all of which are still special. But you just made me cry – no one has ever spoken to what I do so eloquently, so realistically, and with so much feeling! Thank you so much, and love and best wishes to you and your one-time NICU baby. Keitha

    • Thank you for your sweet note, Keitha. Sending the love right back at you for what you do for so many families. Happy Neonatal Nurse Day (a few hours early).

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