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Sara’s Story

This story was kindly submitted by Sara, one of our readers.

I had twin preemies due to pPROM. My water broke with twin A (Kaleb) at 18w (4/18/10).  I spent 86 days on bedrest until I had an emergency c-section due to placenta abruption.

Kaleb & Kameron Crane were born on 7/11/2010 at 29 weeks.
Kaleb was 2 lbs 15oz, 16.14″ long
Kameron was 3 lbs 1 oz, 16.25″ long

Kaleb survived NEC which required two surgeries. His appendix was removed, got a staph infection after 3 PICC lines, he has GERD, CLD and an umbilical hernia. He had a total of 4 blood transfusions and developed liver disease from being on TPN for too long. He was Jaundice and had splints on both feet and leg braces on both legs and has Spasmodic torticollis. He was released from the hospital on October 19th which was his 100th day in the NICU. He came home on oxygen, apnea monitor and pulse oximeter.

Kameron was jaundice and had GERD.  He required a little oxygen support but was mainly in the NICU for growth and eating. He spent 52 days in the NICU and was discharged on September 1st.  He was sent home on an apnea monitor.

The boys will be 8 months old this Friday and Kaleb weighs 17lbs and Kameron weighs 18lbs. They are off all the monitors and Kaleb has been off oxygen for 6 wks now. They are growing and doing very well.

Pictures: Kaleb & Kameron at birth, the first time I held them together, Together at 7 months old.

Afton Mower About Afton Mower

After Mower (UT) lost her firstborn son at 21 weeks.  Her daughter was born a year and a half later at 27 weeks.  The NICU was overwhelming and isolating and it was through those two experiences she was led to found this social hub for parents to find the support they needed. Afton also gave birth to another daughter, born two days overdue after four months of strict bedrest. She believes it is a tender experience to hold a special baby in your arms when his spirit returns to his heavenly home, a miracle to watch tiny babies survive the risks of prematurity and a blessing to hold a healthy full-term baby after months of difficulty and sacrifices.


  1. Congratulations…they are beautiful….

  2. Lisa Mundy says:

    So glad to hear your boys are doing well. I had very similar pregnancy as you. My water broke around my Baby A at 18w3d (1/3/10) and I was also on hospital bedrest for 3 months before my girls were born at 28w6d (3/25/10). They had different health issues then your boys but also spend 2.5 and 3 mos in the NICU. Grace and Caroline just celebrated their 1st birthday and are also doing great. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Our little ones are about the same age. i had Melany at 27.3wks on 7/18.
    I am glad your boys are both healthy and doing well (and SO cute!). I am especially glad Kaleb is doing so well after having his water break so early. How is his physical development? A friend of mine had 27wk triplets and her baby in the single sacs water broke very early on as well. It is amazing the way these little ones are able to recover!

  4. Thanks everyone, yes the boys are doing so well it amazes me daily.

    We just had our NICU follow up and developmentally they are at their adjusted age which is “normal” but GREAT that they are where they should be.

  5. isabella says:

    Stumbled across your story, what beautiful babies, hope they are doing well today. I am shocked (mostly happy, no ALL happy!) to see how far medicine has come in 20 years. I had a daughter that was born at 24 weeks almost 20 years ago, she died with in minutes of her birth. Not a day goes by where I do not think of her and who she would be today had she lived. Your family is in my thoughts, be blessed and enjoy every second.

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