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“Stronger Than We Thought”

For those of us whose little ones have graduated from the NICU, do you often wonder how all of you survived?  Day after day, hour by hour… not knowing when it would be over and you’d be able to bring your little one finally home?

One of our followers, Kaleena Berryman, posted this beautiful poem on our Facebook wall in December.  She graciously granted permission for us to share it with you here.

Dedicated to fellow NICU moms and dads…

{click to see larger}
You can find Kaleena on Facebook at Praying4MyPreemie.  Check it out!

Thank you so much, Kaleena.  🙂

Aimee Sprik About Aimee Sprik

Aimee Sprik (IL) is mother to Connor, born unexpectedly early at 26 weeks, in December 2008, due to an infection. Connor, with his parents, survived a complicated 120-day NICU stay, which changed their lives forever. Since bringing her son finally home, she's felt passionately about volunteering her time and resources to supporting fellow NICU parents, both at the hospital where Connor was born, and by co-founding Life after NICU, an online parent support forum now moderated by Hand to Hold. You can follow Aimee on her personal blog, Sprik Space, or send her an email.


  1. […] Kaleena originally shared this story on her blog, praying4mypreemie, last fall.  She is also the author of the poem, “Stronger Than We Thought”. […]

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