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Tiny But Mighty

Since we beat the odds against delivering within 24 hours, we were hopeful I would continue for weeks. Unfortunately things changed that afternoon when I got up to use the bathroom.

The nurse asked if I was sure I did not feel anything unusual, and I assured her I just needed to use the restroom. When I sat down, I felt as if I had to urinate but could not. I instinctively reached down to feel something I knew was not right.

It was a baby’s head. [Read more]

Embracing the “Elephant in the Room”

Women who don’t know my story will undoubtedly complain about some part of being pregnant. Isn’t that what pregnant women are supposed to do? They might go on to say something like, “I’m counting down the days” or worse, “I wish this baby would be born already.” I’m left standing there facing my own “elephant in the room” taking up all the space between my thoughts and what will actually make it to my lips. [Read more]