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In the NICU, Blood Equals Life

Blood isn’t a topic that everyone thinks about until they need it. January is Blood Donor Awareness month and our NICU babies need blood much more than you realize. [Read more]

The Moment I Became a Dad

There we were, sitting in a dimly lit room preparing ourselves for our 24-week ultrasound. The sonographer reached for the gel bottle as my wife unveiled her emerging baby bump. She gave the bottle a gentle squeeze and not-so-gentle sound broke the silence. I am not sure what it is about these gel bottles, but I am […]

Living with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

When my husband, Scott, and I made the decision to have children, we knew there was a strong possibility our children would have hearing loss once reaching adulthood. A hereditary hearing loss is prevalent in Scott’s paternal family. Scott, his twin sister, father, and grandmother are all hearing impaired. When our twin boys, Joseph and […]

Going Back: Volunteering in the NICU

When we rode the elevator down from the 7th floor NICU for the last time, we knew that one day, we would be back. This place where we’d logged a significant part of our life, 5 months to be exact, had become familiar. It had saved our baby’s life. So we knew that one day, […]

Katie Talkington – Hand to Hold’s NICU Support Helped Me and My Family

Katie Talkington shares the birth story of her twins born at 24 weeks and how peer support from Hand to Hold helped her through the loss of her daughter and the care of her surviving son. [Read more]