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Going Back: Volunteering in the NICU

When we rode the elevator down from the 7th floor NICU for the last time, we knew that one day, we would be back. This place where we’d logged a significant part of our life, 5 months to be exact, had become familiar. It had saved our baby’s life. So we knew that one day, […]

Katie Talkington – Hand to Hold’s NICU Support Helped Me and My Family

Katie Talkington shares the birth story of her twins born at 24 weeks and how peer support from Hand to Hold helped her through the loss of her daughter and the care of her surviving son. [Read more]

The Challenges of Good Nutrition

It was Thanksgiving lunch at Joseph’s school. Parents and grandparents had joined their children in the school cafeteria for a special Thanksgiving celebration. Because of Joseph’s multiple food allergies and compromised gastrointestinal system due to short bowel syndrome, I had packed a lunch for Joseph that was both allergy friendly and one that I knew […]

Preemies vs. Statistics

When too many numbers get jumbled in my head, it’s overwhelming. Even on a good day. I came this close to failing my mandatory college statistics class.  I would tell you what this close means in percentages, but herein lies my point, I’m that bad at math.  So, when we found ourselves in a hospital room listening […]

To the NICU Nurse… Thank You.

I had never met a NICU nurse until the early hours on Halloween morning 2009. In all honesty, my first encounter with a NICU nurse wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. She was giving me the grim statistics of what living with 24 week twin boys could be like – if they even survived the delivery. There I […]