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Looking Back on Five Years

Five years ago my husband I looked over scans on the computer screens and became well versed in the anatomy and conditions of our little boys. You could say we had a crash course in neonatology, and at that time I worried many of my dreams and ideals for my babies may never occur, yet we had high hopes and knew we could take on whatever came our way. [Read more]

When NICU Dad Is Also a Doc

I remember watching my husband over the course of our daughter’s 79 day NICU stay. Born at 27 weeks, and just over 2 pounds, she was covered in wires and tubes and the beeping of machines were the lullabies played in her hospital room. As terrified as I was as her mother, I could sense […]

The Neonatologist and Other Doctors in the NICU

On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, physicians across the country are recognized for their service. As the wife of a surgeon, I thought I understood much about what doctors do. I certainly understood the years of training and sacrifices made by physicians, as well as their families, for the coveted M.D. degree. When my daughter […]

4 Ways I Helped My Older Children Deal with a Premature Sibling

I woke up that morning and felt “funny.” I couldn’t really put my finger on what was wrong. At only 27 weeks pregnant, I refused to let my mind believe that the back pain I was having was actually contractions. Curling up on the couch didn’t help, chugging glasses of water gave no relief, and […]

When Your Preemie Never Comes Home + {Giveaway}

This post includes a review of an item PreemieBabies101 received for free in exchange for our honest opinions. All opinions are the author’s own and no affiliate links were used. See that picture to the right? That’s my family. Well, sort of. On December 9th, 2011 after a month of hospital bed rest, I suffered […]