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Looking Back on Five Years

Five years ago my husband I looked over scans on the computer screens and became well versed in the anatomy and conditions of our little boys. You could say we had a crash course in neonatology, and at that time I worried many of my dreams and ideals for my babies may never occur, yet we had high hopes and knew we could take on whatever came our way. [Read more]

Stress, Grief and Mental Health

Someone once told me, depression doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’ve tried for too long to be strong. Months after my daughter came home from the hospital, those words resonated with me so much. My pregnancy had been plagued with stress. At 12 weeks, we had our nuchal translucency screening and were told our […]

Why You Should Avoid the Internet When You Have a Preemie

When your baby comes prematurely, it’s tempting to hit the Internet in search of comfort and reassurance. While venturing online may turn up some useful facts about a certain diagnosis, or commiseration from other parents facing similar circumstances, it can also bring a lot of undue anxiety. Sometimes, it’s just best to avoid the internet […]

Don’t Put Yourself in Isolation

After I brought my daughter home from the hospital, my world became way too small. At first it felt luxurious to be home. Going back and forth to the NICU multiple times a day was exhausting, and I was so happy that I could spend an entire day in my pajamas and not have to […]

The Anxiety of Bringing Home Baby

Bringing home a newborn can be scary under the best of circumstances. When that baby has special medical needs, a homecoming can elicit mixed feelings. [Read more]